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This Salem club started with a first meeting in April of 1916 by a group of professional men. The group met for a quarter of a century and ultimately produced a volume of 13 collected essays or "papers" written by its members in honor of Massachusetts Tercentenary. Contributions to the volume "Sketches about Salem people" included essays on Dr. Edward A. Holyoke, on Roger Williams and Stage Point and thereabouts.

Members of the club, which was kept small in keeping with meeting in each others' homes, met monthly, hosting dinner and then a paper was presented to the gathering.

The founder was Alfred Putnam of Summer Street, also known as "Put", so the club was called the Putnam Club or "Put's Club".

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"The start of a tradition; Gatherings in 1916 came to be known as The Putnam Club or Put's Club in honor of Alfred Putnam" Salem Evening News, Aug. 4, 1999, p. A3