Proctor's Ledge Witch Trials Memorial

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The Gallows Hill Project announced in January of 2016 that they had positively identified the place where the accused witches were hung in the Salem Witch Hysteria of 1692. The city is planning to construct a memorial to the victims at this site called "Proctor's Ledge" near Pope and Proctor Streets, behind the Walgreens store on Boston Street.

The city plans to have the memorial finished for the 325th anniversary of the witch trials which is in 2017.

The memorial was funded by a community grant and donations from some of the descendants of Salem's "witches." It incorporates a granite wall and memorial stones with the innocents' names set in a semicircle around a single oak tree. It will be dedicated on July 19th, 2017, the 325th anniversary of the first hangings.

The city had a plan to build a memorial at Gallows Hill in 1936, when land was purchased on Proctor Street. It did not go forward, however, as there was some confusion as to the exact location of the hangings and some councilors thought it was a "stain" on Salem's history and the city should not be proud of it.

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