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  • Roger A. Poor was born Jan. 12, 1880 in Salem and died at the age of 90 in Jan. of 1970. He was married to Grace B. Poor for many years.

His first job out of High School was a reporter for the Salem Gazette. He later left and worked for the Vaughn Machine Company in Peabody. He was active in many local organizations, such as the Thirteen Club and the Salem Rotary Club and wrote about the history of them.

  • Three of his articles were reprinted in the Essex Historical Collection. "The Thirteen: A Salem Organization" was published in 1963 (Vol. 99:147-151).

"Reminiscences of Salem sixty or seventy years ago," was published in 1955 (vol. 91:147-162). "I Remember - some anecdotes of people I knew when I was a boy" was published in 1964 (Vol. 100:139-144).

  • He also wrote about the Rotary Club. A Short History of the Rotary Club (1918-1953) which lists him as author, was published in 1953.

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