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Pioneer House is a program designed for adults over 18 with a diagnosis of mental illness to live and work successfully within society. The program offers job placement, social development and integration into the community. A referral is required. Today they are located at 2 Washington St. in Peabody, Mass. but for many years operated on St. Peter's Street in Salem. The program, starting in 1988, used the former St. John the Baptist School next to St. John's Church.

Pioneer House, opened in Salem in 1988, was modeled on the the 42-year old Fountain House in New York City, combining four existing programs in Salem for the mentally ill; a day treatment recovery program, social club, vocational treatment and day activity program. Its Clubhouse format encourages community and focuses on the talents of each member.

The program is funded by the Department of Mental Health.

Pioneer House was forced to close permanently due to funding issues.

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