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Mary Saltonstall Parker (1856-1920)

The granddaughter of Leverett Saltonstall, Salem's first mayor, and a long time resident of 41 Chestnut St.

Parker was best known for her textile art. Both her samplers and her books of poetry were driven by her interest in the Colonial Revival and Arts

and Crafts movements. Parker left behind a number of small, privately printed and illustrated books of her writings.

"At the Squires"

"Salem Scrap Book"

"Rules for Salad, in Rhyme"

"A Baker's Dozen in Charades"

"Small things Antique"

Wife of William Phineas Parker. They were married January 13, 1887. They had two children William Broadstreet Parker and Francis Tuckerman Parker.

She is buried at Harmony Grove Cemetery.

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