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  • Somewhere between October 1910 and February 1911, the Nequidnimis Club was formed at Salem High School. The club was

comprised solely of S.H.S. girls with the purpose of running dances and social functions.

  • As World War I started heating up, the group decided to do something to help the soldiers through the Red Cross.
  • In 1919, the Student Council arranged to give a marble tablet to the school in memory of the graduates who died in World War I with their names listed. The Niquidnimis Club decided to raise money to give a marble tablet in honor of the boys who left school to enlist in the army or navy with their names listed.
  • In the June 10th, 1919 edition of the Salem News, is included the presentations of tablets:

"In Honorem" Dorothy M. Johnson, pres. of the Nequidnimis society.

"In Memoriam" by Henry J. Perkins, pres. of the student council.

Acceptance by Hon. Alden P. White of the Salem School Committee.

There is no definitive answer as to the meaning of Nequidnimis. A member of the club was referred to as a Quid. At some point of time, the club was disbanded or re-purposed.

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