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In 2002, Larry McIntire (66) stepped down after 31 years as Superintendent of Parks and Recreation in Salem. He left a strong legacy. "During his tenure, the city added ball fields and parks, installed lights at fields across the city, renovated Olde Salem Greens, re-built Forest River pool and brought Winter Island to life" according to Tom Dalton in the Salem News.

One of his most memorable feats was the installation of lights at Bertram Field, with the generosity of Jack Welch, the former GE chairman and Salem native.

McIntire played basketball, football and baseball at Salem High (Class of '55). He married Doris and had four children.

Mayor Sam Zoll appointed Larry McIntire superintendent, pulling him away from a job with Nestles.

When James Foley stepped down from the position in 1994, then Mayor Harrington decided to reorganize the city Park and Recreation Departments. Foley had been superintendent of the city's parks and shade tree department for 37 years. The mayor wanted to combine the park and recreation divisions under one department head, shift job titles and streamline operations. Larry McIntire was the first to hold this combined post.

Doug Bollen took over as superintendent of the Park and Recreation Dept. in 2002.

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