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In the Willows area, the Juniper School was created when Juniper Hall was remodeled for use as a school building in 1922. Movable furniture has been installed in order that the main room may still be available for social purposes during the summer. Completed late in the school year, they did not transfer pupils at the time, according to the City Reports.

It opened officially in September 1923 according to the Salem City Annual Reports. 27 children came to the first day of school. Miriam A. Tigh was the teacher.

It sat on Cheval Avenue. It was taken down in 1963 or 64 when the new Bentley School was built on 25 Memorial Dr. and the Salem Willows students would be attending that school instead.

A new group was formed recently, called "Friends of Juniper School" to ensure that the history of the school was remembered. The Friends group is contacted alumni and collected donations for a memorial plaque that will mark the place that the school stood.

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