Howard Street Cemetery

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The Howard Street cemetery, established in 1801, is located next to the old Salem Jail in downtown Salem.

Some of the famous people buried there are Col. Samuel Carlton, who was with Washington at Valley Forge, and William Browne, commander of the ship Brutus, which went down in a shipwreck off Cape Cod. There are also five Revolutionary War soldiers and 17 sea captains buried there.

A portion of the cemetery was dedicated to Salem's African American population. One of the more prominent residents of the African American community to be buried there was Prince Farmer. A former cook on the vessel George, Farmer opened his own business as an oyster dealer. He died in 1852.

The last person buried there was in 1953.

Jeanne Stella's Howard Street cemetery inscriptions have been reproduced in the Essex Society of Genealogists running from Nov. 2014-Feb. 2016.

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