Hawthorne Monument

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  • Erected at Hawthorne Boulevard in 1925, from funds raised by the Nathaniel Hawthorne Memorial Association, the statue was unveiled on Dec. 23rd of that year.
  • This granite and bronze statue was made by the sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt, who studied at Yale. The sculpture is approximately 9 ft. high and was completed by Gorham Co. founders. The total cost of the sculpture was $50,000.
  • The statue was displayed at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston for 12 years before being moved to the Salem location in 1925, the year that Hawthorne Hotel was opened down the street, at 18 Washington Square West.
  • The statue was dedicated on Dec. 23, 1925 with a preliminary ceremony at the Second Church on Washington Square (which included an organ prelude, additional music and an address by Judge White.)
  • The statue was unveiled by Rosamond Mikkelsen, the great-granddaughter of Nathaniel Hawthorne.

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