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The Gardner Mattress Corporation was founded in 1933 by Alan J. Gardner.

He bought the old Reed warehouse on Canal Street in Salem, Mass., after it closed down.

Though Gardner Sisk had gone to school for law, he came back to the area to help his ailing grandfather in the mattress business. He took over the business at age 26.

This company is known for fine quality mattresses and box springs in many custom sizes.

The Gardner Mattress Corporation is owned and operated by the Gardner family. The business is currently maintained and operated by his grandson, Gardner P. Sisk.

Some of their mattress types include lace tufted, layered latex, pocketed coil and quilted cotton.

Gardner Mattress suffered a fire in their factory on Nov. 29, 1990. They've since rebuilt on the same location.

Gardner Mattress also has stores in Woburn and Newton, Massachusetts.

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