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Ernest Stanley Dodge (3/18/1913-2/9/1980) was an internationally known historian, author and museum director at the famed Peabody Museum. A genial, warm down-to-earth man was widely respected in the museum field, not only for his administrative abilities but also for his scholarship and dedication. He wrote eight books, some historical and scientific articles, and was founder and editor of the "American Neptune", a quarterly magazine considered the country's foremost journal of maritime history.

Mr. Dodge first joined the Peabody Museum staff as a museum assistant in 1931, became assistant curator of ethnology six year later, curator in 1943, assistant director in 1946, and director in 1950.

Mr. Dodge was considered the world's authority on the ethnological material collected by Capt. James Cook, the 18th century English explorer.

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  • "Ernest Stanley Dodge, 66, author, museum director" (obituary)Boston Sunday Globe, Feb. 10, 1980.