Cold Springs

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  • A natural spring near present day Kernwood Country Club that was used for drinking water by the locals. It was located on Liberty Hill Avenue and Kernwood Road.
  • Cold Spring was so called as early as 1793.
  • It was known as Goodale's spring as early 1658, because Robert Goodale owned it and lived in the field northeasterly of it at the time.
  • According to the Visitor's Guide to Salem (1937 ed.) Liberty Hill had been a park and a favorite resort for many people on account of the "Cold Spring". These springs of pure cold water have been used for centuries.
  • An event of note occurred in June of 1844 when a land dispute came up over ownership of Liberty Hill. Joseph Leavitt claimed he had purchased the land. Liberty Hill was a recreational spot

where the neighborhood used to gather for picnics and celebrations. There was an uproar when Leavitt began to plow his supposed land. In court, it was eventually was proved to be public land.

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