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  • St. Anne's (1908-1976)

(St. Anne's School began in 1908 and by 1924 enrollment had grown so large that the parish purchased the School Department's Derby School on Jefferson Ave. In 1956, the cornerstone of a new school on Cleveland St. was laid. The school closed 20 years later, in June 1976.)

  • Ste. Chretienne Academy (1915-1971)
  • St. James Grammar and High School. The High School closed in 1971. The grammar school closed in 1972.
  • St. John the Baptist. The school closed in 1977.
  • St. Joseph Grammar and High School. Both schools were taught by the Sisters of the Assumption. The High School closed in 1980. The grammar school closed in 2009.
  • St. Mary Grammar and High School. The school closed in 1971.
  • St. Thomas

Though home to many Catholic Schools in the past, the last remaining Catholic school, St. Joseph's School, closed in 2009.

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