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Camp Naumkeag near the Salem Willows began as a tuberculosis health day camp. Six years later the first buildings were built on the site. After the camp's buildings were destroyed by fire in 1930, it was rebuilt as the Salem Health Camp.

From 1944 to 1946, the camp was used by the Carpenter Street Home for Children. In 1946, the Rotary Club bought the buildings for the Salem Girl Scouts. The Girl Scout organization used the camp for the next 18 years, but decided in 1964 there wasn't enough land at the site and left the camp. A volunteer group, the Naumkeag Associates, Inc. ran the camp starting in 1964.This group was able to keep the camp open with various fundraising efforts until the camp was taken over by the city of Salem in 2002.

Salem's Park and Recreation Commission took over the operation of this city-owned area, with the manager of Winter Island doing the bookings for family and business outings at the camp. The Salem YMCA has also used the camp for summer day care.

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