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Laurie Cabot is known as the "Official Witch of Salem."

Her first shop in Salem was called, "The Cat, the Crow and the Crown." For many years she ran a shop at 125 Essex Street called "Crow Haven Corner, a Witch Shop."

In the mid nineteen seventies,Mass. Governor Michael S. Dukakis bestowed upon Laurie Cabot the state's Patriots Award. The Award is given to those from the state who are dedicated in a significant way to improve the lives of their fellow citizens and community. In his proclamation, Dukakis says; " I proclaim Laurie Cabot the official Witch of Salem for her work with children with special needs."

Cabot is an ordained High Priestess in her coven. She founded the Witches' League for Public Awareness (WLPA) and recently the Project Witches Protection (PWP), both anti-defamation organizations aimed at correcting the misconception about Witchcraft.

She has several books, the Power of the Witch, Love Magic, Celebrate the Earth, and The Witch in Every Woman.

Some of her television and radio appearances include Unsolved Mysteries, Oprah, and National Public Radio.

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