Bowditch Ledge Tower

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Bowditch Ledge Tower was one of only half-dozen granite day beacons when it collapsed after a fall storm in 2018.

It stood in Salem Harbor near a shoal, Bowditch Ledge, which is dangerously shallow.

The day beacon was made out of granite blocks, some as long as 10 feet. Nothing held the blocks together.

Sources are unclear to when it was built, but it was probably in the 1800's. It stood 30 feet tall.

It helped to keep boaters from running aground on the perilously high Bowditch Ledge.

The U.S. Coast Guard, which maintains control of the day beacon, will likely put a temporary obstruction buoy

out where the tower stood until a permanent marker can be installed.

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"Boaters beware: Bowditch Ledge tower collapsed" Salem News, Nov. 28, 2018.