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  • The Bewitched statue depicts Elizabeth Montgomery, who played the lead character Samantha Stephens in the T.V. show Bewitched, riding side-saddle on a broom against a crescent-moon background. The statue was placed in the downtown area in Lappin Park, at the corner of Washington and Essex Streets, in May of 2005. TV Land, a cable network, financed the statue and many of the actors related to the television show were there for the unveiling, along with a crowd of over a 1,000 onlookers. Former "Bewitched" actors Erin Murphy (Tabitha), Kasey Rogers (Louise Tate) and Bernard Fox (Dr. Bombay) attended the unveiling, along with the producer and director of the show, Bill Asher.
  • The statue is sited on the same corner where for many years Louis Gerber ran a restaurant. From the early 1940's to 1970 Gerber's Restaurant, also known as "Little City Hall" was a popular eatery in Town House Square.
  • A group of Bewitched fans has run annual conventions in different locations for five or six years. In June 2006, about 30 fans came to Salem for the weekend to see where the show was filmed.

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