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The television show, Bewitched premiered on Sept. 17th, 1964 on ABC. Starring Elizabeth Montgomery as the good-hearted witch and her human husband Darrin, played by Dick York, the show ran for eight years and 254 episodes. Veteran film actress Agnes Moorhead played her mischievous mother Endora. Marion Lorne played Samantha's Aunt Clara and funny man Paul Lynde played Uncle Arthur.

Series creator/writer Sol Saks credits the 1942 film, "I Married a Witch" starring Veronica Lake as the inspiration for the series.

On October 8th, 1970, the very first episode of the Salem Saga would air on ABC. Salem's mayor, Sam Zoll declared that very day as "Bewitched Day".

Filming began in the area in Gloucester on June 23rd. Locations would include the Fisherman's Memorial, Hammond's Castle and the famed Gloucester House Restaurant. In Salem they filmed at the House of the Seven Gables.

The crew and cast began arriving in Salem on June 20th of 1970. Housing was provided by the Hawthorne Hotel.

Eight episodes were set in Salem in the 7th season of the show. Some of the show titles are: "Samantha's Hot Bed Warmer", "Darrin on a Pedestal" and "Samantha's Bad Day in Salem".

In 2005, Nora Ephron directed a full-length movie Bewitched. Nicole Kidman played Samantha, Will Ferrell played Darrin and Shirley MacLaine played Endora.

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