Coming Attraction for March

  • Frank
    By Barney, Frank
  • H is for Hawk
    By MacDonald, Helen
  • Selfish, Shallow, and Self-Absorbed
    By Daum, Megham
  • Three Many Cooks
    By Anderson, Pamela
  • Follies of God
    By Grissom, James
  • Resilience
    By Grietens, Eric
  • Women After All
    By Konner, Melvin
  • B & Me
    By Hallman, J.C.
  • Just Kids from the Bronx
    By Alda, Arlene
  • Mastering Pasta
    By Vetri, Marc
  • Patsy’s Italian Family Cookbook
    By Scognamillo, Sal
  • American Ghost
    By Nordhaus, Hannah
  • The Battle of Versailles
    By Givhan, Robin
  • The Great Beanie Baby Bubble
    By Bissonnette, Zac
  • Mindful Work
    By Gelles, David
  • The World Beyond Your Head
    By Crawford, Matthew
  • Confucius
    By Schuman, Michael
  • Dead Wake
    By Larson, Erik
  • Do Your Om Thing
    By Pacheco, Rebecca
  • Has Anyone Seen My Pants
    By Colonna, Sarah
  • The Last Unicorn
    By Debuys, William
  • Life from Scratch
    By Martin, Sasha
  • The Perfect Egg
    By Fisher, Teri Lyn

Coming Attraction for April

  • American Warlord
    By Dwyer, Johnny
  • A Fine Romance
    By Bergen, Candice
  • I Was a Child
    By Kaplan, Bruce Eric
  • The Two-State Delusion
    By O’Malley, Padraig
  • MS Madness
    By DeSousa, Yvonne
  • After Snowden
    By Goldfarb, Ron
  • And the Good News Is
    By Perino, Dana
  • Brain Maker
    By Perlmutter, David
  • Caring Economics
    By Singer, Tanya
  • Dreamland
    By Quinones, Sam
  • Natural Born Heroes
    By McDougall, Christopher
  • The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly
    By McCarthy, Matt
  • Visiting Hours
    By Butcher, Amy
  • Women of Will
    By Packer, Tina
  • Work Rules!
    By Bock, Laszio
  • Ashley’s War
    By Lemmon, Gayle
  • Michelle Obama
    By Slevin, Peter
  • Another Little Piece of My Heart
    By Goldstein, Richard
  • Between You and Me
    By Norris, Mary
  • The Blue Zones Solution
    By Buettner, Dan
  • Smash Cut
    By Gooch, Brad
  • The Anticancer Diet
    By Khayat, David
  • I Don’t Have a Happy Place
    By Korosn, Kim

Coming Attractions for May

  • Hurray for High Gas Prices!
    By Levitt, Steven
  • The Life of Saul Bellow
    By Leader, Zachary
  • Broadcast Hysteria
    By Schwartz, A. Brad
  • The Bronte Cabinet
    By Lutz, Deborah
  • Reagan
    By Brands, H. W.
  • Red Flags
    By Patrick, Wendy
  • (Un)common Courtesy
    By Toksvig, Sandi
  • Alibaba’s World
    By Erisman, Porter
  • Criminal That I Am
    By Ridha, Jennifer
  • Don’t Trust, Don’t Fear, Don’t Bend
    By Stewart, Ben
  • Hold Still
    By Mann, Sally
  • How to Bake Pi
    By Cheng, Eugenia
  • Maangchi’s Real Korean Cooking
    By Kim, Maangchi
  • Shadow Work
    By Lambert, Craig
  • The Wright Brothers
    By McCullough, David