This-weeks-new-arrvialsComing Attractions in August

  • Beethoven
    By Swafford, Jan
  • In the Kingdom of Ice
    By Sides, Hampton
  • The Invisible Bridge
    By Perlstein, Rick
  • The Rush
    By Dolnick, Edward
  • Where We Go From Here
    By Ryan, Paul
  • Blackboard
    By Buzbee, Lewis
  • Mona Lisa
    By Halnes, Dianne
  • Berlin Now
    By Schneider, Peter
  • On Tocqueville
    By Ryan, Alan
  • Outlaws of the Atlantic
    By Rediker, Marcus
  • Working Stiff
    By Melinek, Judy
  • In a Nutshell
    By Tannenbaum, Cara
  • The Kitchy Kitchen
    By Thomas, Claire
  • The Slaughter
    By Gutmann, Ethan

 Coming Attractions in September

  • Daring
    By Sheehy, Gail
  • Living Like a Runaway
    By Ford, Lita
  • Off the Sidelines
    By Gillibrand, Kirsten
  • Soar
    By Banks, David
  • Harry
    By Junor, Penny
  • How Google Works
    By Schmidt, Eric
  • Enough
    By Giffords, Gabrielle
  • Rebel Yell
    By Gwynne, S.C.
  • The Impulse Society
    By Roberts, Paul
  • Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food
    By Oliver, Jamie
  • The Underground Girls of Kabul
    By Nordberg, Jenny
  • Creative Image Transfer
    By Riley, Leslie
  • Band of Giants
    By Kelly, Jack
  • Club Soccer 101
    By Dempsey, Luke
  • Gaza
    By Filiu, Jean-Pierre
  • Hyper
    By Denevi, Timothy
  • An Indigenous People’s History of the United States
    By Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne

 Coming Attractions in October

  • Breaking In
    By Biskupic, Joan
  • Brian Jones
    By Trynka, Paul
  • Embattled Rebel
    By McPherson, James M.
  • Just Mercy
    By Stevenson, Bryan
  • Knife Fights
    By Nagl, John
  • Me, Inc.
    By Simmons, Gene
  • Pay Any Price
    By Risen, James
  • Photographs
    By Collen, Phil
  • The Return of George Washington
    By Larson, Edward
  • Rocks
    By Perry, Joe
  • Transformer
    By Bockris, Victor
  • U2
    By Jobling, John
  • Death & Co.
    By Kaplan, David
  • Pen & Ink
    By Fitzgerald, Isaac
  • Fields of Blood
    By Armstrong, Karen
  • Then Came Life
    By Lucas, Geralyn