Parker Brothers

George Parker Born: December 12, 1866, Salem MA Died: September 25, 1952 An economic mainstay of Salem, Massachusetts from the late 19th through the late 20th centuries, the Parker Brothers Game Company has left few remaining monuments despite the fact that its products included the popular board games Clue, Risk and more importantly, Monopoly, arguably the most well-known board game of all time and which is still embedded in popular culture. The Parker Brothers were George, Charles and Edward. However,

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Al Ruscio

Born: June 2, 1924, Salem, MA Died: November 12, 2013, Encino, CA Spouse: Kate Williamson (m. 1954–2013) Education: Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre Children: Elizabeth Ruscio, Nina Ruscio, Maria Ruscio, Michael Ruscio Alfred Ruscio was an American character actor who appeared in numerous television series and dozens of major motion pictures. Mr. Ruscio grew up near St. Mary’s Italian Church in the Ward 3 neighborhood of Salem. He was a news carrier in the Derby Street area and an

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