A Map of Betrayal

Join the Broad Street Readers in November when they discuss A Map of Betrayal by Ha Jin, a tale of espionage, honor, and conflicted loyalties in the intertwined histories of China and the United States and in the lives of two families.

Praise for A Map of Betrayal:

“One of the great triumphs of A Map of Betrayal is how it uncovers
and underscores the similarities between the domestic and the
political, the family and the larger culture. . . . Lilian strives not
to judge but to understand. She searches for a capacious, forgiving, and
subtle interpretation of a struggling soul.” —The Boston Globe

“With one foot in China and the other in the United States, Ha Jin is
the quintessential Chinese-American writer. . . . In his absorbing new
book, A Map of Betrayal, the author offers his most searing portrait yet of divided loyalties.” —Chicago Tribune

“The book stands out for
the way it straddles a number of worlds—China and the U.S., family life
and adultery—and in Shang’s case, the torturous inner life of a man
torn between loyalty to two nations.” —NPR

The Broad St. Readers is a club for adults age 55 and up. New members
are always encouraged! Join fellow readers for an engaging and
thoughtful discussion on November 27th at 11:00am or 5:30pm at the Salem Community Life Center at 401 Bridge St.
Please call and check in with Rosanna at (978) 744-0924.
Books are available at the Main Desk in the Salem Public Library. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email hviding@noblenet.org or call the library at (978)744-0860.

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