Elizabeth Phillips to son Samuel Phillips 5th, 1765

Elizabeth Phillips to son Samuel Phillips 5th. April 10, 1765.

Andover April 10 1765

Dear Samuel,
May these lines find you jn in health as they leave us — yor granmother is much better – am glad all things is to agreabel with your new Class mate in particular.
I hope it will be you come to profit in spirituely as well as in humain learning
Hope you recieve all favours with proper acknowlegments [[illegible]] youin superieurs treat all you equealy with respect your father is willing you should puick [[illegible]] your self wee think they wood look much body ells than any [illegible} too your father hee thinks you wood soon learn on waxt paper. it’s a common saying practice makes perfect: hear is 2 [illegible] I hope you keep acount of all you recieve it wee and how you dispose of it it will be a satisfaction satisfax satisfaction to you and to mee
this [[illegible]] was made when tother was have sent all you sent home
Be careful of your things but espialy careful of your time
When I seend for you will direct how to bring your cloythes
We all send our love
I am your loving mother
Elizabeth Phillips

Box 1, Folder 8
Phillips Family collection
Phillips Academy

Elizabeth Phillips to son Samuel Phillips 5th. October 17, 1765.











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