Map Collection

Sidney R. Knafel Map Collection comprises atlases, maps, and globes dating from 1434 into the 19th century. The collection was given to Phillips Academy in December 2011 by Sidney Knafel, class of 1948, in honor of the 18-year tenure leadership of Barbara Chase when she retired as Head of School and he from his role as Charter member of the Board of Trustees. Mr. Knafel collected the items as a personal passion inspired by looking out over the Atlantic from Martha’s Vineyard and imagining how this land must have struck those Europeans who arrived half a millennium ago.

America by Gerhard Mercator, 1628.

At Mr. Knafel’s request, the collection will be on continual display within the teaching spaces of the Academy to be used as classroom tools for students. Digitization affords opportunities for teachers and students to work freely with the collection at the highest resolution so that images of globes, atlases, and renderings of coastal New England and New France at various stages of exploration and incorporation by Europeans can be examined closely.

Maps and Plans of Phillips Academy

Plan of the real-estate of Phillips Academy, Andover, by La Roy F. Griffin, 1874.




This collection comprises sheet maps and plans of Abbot Academy, Phillips Academy, and the town of Andover that depict the campus.



Diefenbach Map Collection

This collection comprises 15 maps including several lithograph maps of 19th-century New York as well as an 1825 map the Cape of Good Hope by James Wyld the Younger.

Cape District...Cape of Good Hope, 1825

Cape District…Cape of Good Hope, 1825











Pechter Family Map Collection

This collection includes rare, single-sheet maps of North America and Europe from the 16th to the 19th centuries.

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