Russell H. Lucas Book Fund

Each calendar year a number of titles are purchased through the Russell H. Lucas Book Fund. This is the list of titles purchased during the 2017-2018 Academic year.

Established in 1968 from the William Lyon Phelps Foundation by the stepchildren of Russell H. Lucas, class of 1912, of Grosse Pointe, MI, and increased in 1977 by an additional gift of the William Lyon Phelps Foundation in the names of Russell H. and Carolyn H. Lucas, for books for the library or other library needs.

In addition, the following e-books have been purchased.

Black Demons, Black Image in the White Mind, Policing the Black Man, Sexual Politics, and The Race Card.

  • Picture Book Biography STEINEM
    Lewis, Aura
    Gloria’s Voice: The Story of Gloria Steinem–Feminist, Activist, Leader
    Publication Year:2018

  • Picture Book BOSS
    Boss, Shira
    Up in the leaves : the true story of the Central Park treehouses
    Publication Year:2018
    Summary:Bob does not like the noisy, crowded streets and school hallways of his New York City home, so he decides to build a tree house in the cool, green calm of Central Park. Includes a note about the real Bob Redman.

  • Picture Book DE LA PENA
    de la Peña, Matt
    Publication Year:2018
    Summary:Illustrations and easy-to-read text celebrate the bonds of love that connect us all.

  • Picture Book FLIESS
    Fliess, Sue
    Mary had a little lab
    Publication Year:2018
    Summary:"Hoping for a friend, Mary invents a way to make a sheep, but when she starts making sheep for her new friends, chaos abounds"–Provided by publisher.

  • Picture Book PORTIS
    Portis, Antoinette
    Publication Year:2017
    Summary:"Follow a little girl as she takes you on a tour through all of her favorite things, from the holes she digs to the hugs she gives"–

  • Picture Book RYLANT
    Rylant, Cynthia
    Publication Year:2017
    Summary:Life is beautiful, ever changing, sometimes not easy, but always worth waking up in the morning to see what might happen.

  • Picture Book SHETTERLY
    Shetterly, Margot Lee
    Hidden figures : the true story of four Black women and the space race
    Publication Year:2018
    Summary:Explores the previously uncelebrated but pivotal contributions of NASA’s African American women mathematicians to America’s space program, describing how Jim Crow laws segregated them despite their groundbreaking successes. Includes biographies on Dorothy Jackson Vaughan (1910-2008), Mary Winston Jackson (1921-2005), Katherine Colman Goble Johnson (1918- ), Dr. Christine Mann Darden (1942- ).

  • Picture Book SLATER
    Slater, Dashka
    The antlered ship
    Publication Year:2017
    Summary:An inquisitive fox named Marco and a bored flock of pigeons join the crew of deer Captain Sylvia, setting sail in her antlered ship in search of a wonderful island and finding friendship on the way.

  • Picture Book Biography CHEN
    Clickard, Carrie
    Dumpling dreams : how Joyce Chen brought the dumpling from Beijing to Cambridge
    Publication Year:2017
    Summary:"The story of how Joyce Chen, a girl born in Communist China, immigrated to the United States and popularized Chinese cooking."–

  • Picture Book Biography MOORE
    Pinborough, Jan.
    Miss Moore thought otherwise : how Anne Carroll Moore created libraries for children
    Publication Year:2013
    Summary:Examines the story of how librarian Ann Carroll Moore created the first children’s room at the New York Public Library.

  • TW FICTION D2565K1
    DasGupta, Sayantani
    The serpent’s secret
    Publication Year:2018
    Summary:Up until her twelfth birthday, Kiranmala considered herself an ordinary sixth-grader in Parsippany, New Jersey, but then her parents disappear and a drooling rakkhosh demon shows up in her kitchen, and soon she is swept into another dimension, full of magic, winged horses, talking birds (very annoying), and cute princes–and somehow Kiranmala needs to sort it all out, find her parents, and basically save the world.

    Gibbs, Stuart
    Evil spy school : a spy school novel
    Publication Year:2015
    Summary:After getting expelled from spy school for accidentally shooting a live mortar into the principal’s office, thirteen-year-old Ben finds himself recruited by evil crime organization SPYDER.

    Gibbs, Stuart
    Spy ski school
    Publication Year:2016
    Summary:Twelve-year-old Ben’s unexpected success outside the classroom causes the CIA to activate him for a mission to become friends with Jessica Shang, daughter of a suspected Chinese crime boss.

    Griffin, Paul
    When friendship followed me home : a novel
    Publication Year:2016
    Summary:Seventh-grader Ben, always an outsider, is led into a deep friendship with Halley, who is being treated for cancer, by the special dog he and his adoptive mother take in.

    Hiranandani, Veera
    The night diary
    Publication Year:2018
    Summary:Shy twelve-year-old Nisha, forced to flee her home with her Hindu family during the 1947 partition of India, tries to find her voice and make sense of the world falling apart around her by writing to her deceased Muslim mother in the pages of her diary.

    Holm, Jennifer L.
    Squish. Super Amoeba [No. 1],
    Publication Year:2011
    Summary:Squish, a meek amoeba who loves the comic book exploits of his favorite hero, "Super Amoeba," tries to emulate him when his best friend is threatened by a bully.

    Maihack, Mike.
    Cleopatra in space. The thief and the sword Book two,
    Publication Year:2015
    Summary:"A mysterious thief has stolen the ancient sword Cleo recovered in book one: Target practice, and she’s determined to get it back. But her teachers at Yasiro Academy forbid her from risking her life, so she’s stuck at school, trying to adjust to her newfound popularity and responsibility. And when she learns more about the prophecy that names her the savior of the galaxy, she must go on a dangerous journey to find the time tablets that could decide her fate– before they fall into the wrong hands."

    Tarshis, Lauren
    I survived the Children’s Blizzard, 1888
    Publication Year:2018
    Summary:When John Hale’s parents moved from Chicago to a farm in the Dakota Territory in the late 1880s, he was not happy (too hot in summer, too cold in winter, and that is just the beginning); but after a year, and now eleven, he has settled in and made some friends at school–but when a sunny day in January 1888 turns abruptly into a deadly blizzard he will need all his strength and courage to survive what became known to history as The Children’s Blizzard.

  • 793.74 B98EL
    Byrne, Thomas.
    The electric toilet virgin death lottery
    Publication Year:-1

Russell H Lucas Book Fund