Morris Tyler Fund

Each calendar year a number of titles are purchased through the Morris Tyler Fund. This is the list of titles purchased during the 2016-2017 Academic year.

Established in 1987 in honor of Morris Tyler, class of 1920, by his children, children-in-law and his grandchildren. The income to be used by the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library for purchase of library resources, with preference for foreign language learning materials and other such uses as the librarian might designate.

In addition, the following electronic resource is being supported.

informe: With full-text articles from the most popular Spanish-language and bilingual periodicals, it provides quality Hispanic reference material.

  • 791 AB3F
    Abecassis, Michael
    French cinema in close-up : La vie d’un acteur pour moi : illustrated mini-dictionary of actors and actresses of the French cinema
    Summary:An insight into French film through its actors: profiles of 175 actors and actresses of the French Cinema, illustrated with caricatures of each actor by Jenny BATLAY and Igor BRATUSEK. – Not just biographies, but personal sketches of the actors and actresses, looking at their personalities, acting, and careers. The book is presented alphabetically in mini-dictionary form, and its contributors include academics from around the world – from universities in Australia, Austria, Canada, Cyprus, France, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and throughout the United States – as well as journalists, film curators, and lovers of French cinema, both francophones and Francophiles. It contains a comprehensive alphabetical Index of 2,200 Films – mostly French Films (with their alternative English titles where these were issued), as well as American and European films in which the profiled French actors have appeared. Accurate biographical details (from original records) are provided, including birth names for those actors with a stage name different to their birth names.,Contains primary source material.

  • Children’s Collection L63TH
    Lin, Grace
    Thanking the moon : celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival
    Summary:Each member of a Chinese family contributes to the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. Includes author’s note explaining this festival’s customs and traditions.

Morris Tyler Fund