Joseph W. Drake Fund

Each calendar year a number of titles are purchased through the Joseph W. Drake Fund. This is the list of titles purchased during the 2017-2018 Academic year.

Established in 1981 by The Charles E. Culpeper Foundation, Inc., of New York, NY, in honor of Joseph W. Drake, father of Joseph W. Drake, Jr., class of 1941 and Philip M. Drake, class of 1943, for purchase of reference materials for the library. Income generated is used for reference materials for the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library.

In addition, the following electronic resources are funded.

ArtStor A digital library of over two million images from some of the world’s leading museums, archives, scholars, and artists.

Informe Academico(Gale) With full-text articles from the most popular Spanish-language and bilingual periodicals, this database provides quality Hispanic reference material.

Reference Universe Reference Universe searches the indices of print reference works in OWHL.

Joseph W Drake Fund