Reginald F. Chutter Memorial Fund

Each calendar year a number of titles are purchased through the Reginald F. Chutter Memorial Fund. This is the list of titles purchased during the 2016-2017 Academic year.

Established in 1963-64 and increased thereafter by the family and friends of Reginald F. Chutter, class of 1912, of Washington, DC, for the purchase of books for the library in the field of international affairs.

This year the Chutter fund was used to purchase electronic databases in the field of international affairs.

CIAO-Columbia International Affairs Online: The most comprehensive source for theory and research in international affairs. It publishes a wide range of scholarship from 1991. All sections of CIAO are updated monthly.

  • DVD 780.95 M45F
    From Mao to Mozart Isaac Stern in China
    Summary:Follows Isaac Stern to China where he taught classical music to Chinese students. Contains a segment on the suffering of Chinese musicians during the Cultural Revolution.

  • DVD 915.12 C42UP
    Up the Yangtze
    Summary:Life surrounding the Yangtze is changing due to the Three Gorges Dam. Filmmaker Yung Chang goes on a farewell cruise that traverses the gargantuan waterway.

  • 709.8 D42AR
    Art from Latin America : modern and contemporary
    Summary:“For the first time Katoen Natie, a global logistics service provider, shows its collection of unique modern and contemporary art from Latin America, the biggest collection in Europe. Renowned experts such as Laura Malosetti Costa and Christina Rossi discuss the art history of the continent and the 44 artists from the collection with toppers such as Joaquín Torres García and Diego Rivera. This lavishly illustrated catalogue is a kaleidoscope showing the artistic diversity of a fascinating continent that has been ignored for too long.” — Publisher’s description

  • 297.8 AL4W
    Algar, Hamid
    Wahhabism : a critical essay
    Summary:Wahhabism, a peculiar interpretation of Islamic doctrine and practice that first arose in mid-eighteenth century Arabia, is sometimes regarded as simply an extreme or uncompromising form of Sunni Islam. This is incorrect, for at the very outset the movement was stigmatized as aberrant by the leading Sunni scholars of the day, because it rejected many of the traditional beliefs and practices of Sunni Islam and declared permissible warfare against all Muslims that disputed Wahhabi teachings. Nor can Wahhabism be regarded as a movement of “purification” or “renewal,” as the source of the genuinely revivalist movements that were underway at the time. Not until Saudi oil money was placed at the disposal of its propagandists did Wahhabism find an echo outside the Arabian Peninsula. The author discusses the rise of Wahhabism at the hands of Muhammad b. ‘Abd al-Wahhab, a native of Najd in the eastern part of the Arabian peninsula, the doctrines he elaborated to serve as the basis of the Wahhabi sect, and the alliance he concluded with the Saudi family, then rulers of the principality of al-Dir’iya.

  • 958.1 B86AF
    Bronstein, Paula
    Afghanistan : between hope and fear

  • 913.32 C24 V. 1
    Carter, Howard
    The tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amen,

  • 913.32 C24
    Carter, Howard
    The tomb of Tut.ankh. Amen discovered by the late Earl of Carnarvon and Howard Carter. The annexe and treasury
    Summary:The tomb of Tutankhamun (Tut.ankh.Amen), uncovered by the fifth Earl of Carnarvon and Howard Carter in 1922, was the greatest archaeological find the world has ever seen. Though entered by thieves in antiquity, the burial of the king lay intact within its nest of coffins and funerary shrines when these two intrepid archaeologists discovered it. This book, originially published in 1933, is the third volume of Carter’s magnificent trilology describing the excavation of the two stone chambers in which were gathered many of the boy-king’s most splendid funerary treasures.,Primary source.

  • 909.5 D28T
    Davis, Natalie Zemon
    Trickster travels : a sixteenth-century Muslim between worlds [1st ed., pbk. ISBN: 9780571234790 ; hardcover ISBN: 9780809094349]
    Summary:Al-Hasan al-Wazzan–born in Granada to a Muslim family that in 1492 went to Morocco–became famous as the great Renaissance writer Leo Africanus, author of the first geography of Africa to be published in Europe (in 1550). He had been captured by Christian pirates in the Mediterranean and imprisoned by the pope; when he was released and baptized, he lived a European life of scholarship as the Christian writer Giovanni Leone; by 1527, it is likely that he returned to North Africa and to the language, culture, and faith in which he had been raised. Historian Davis offers a virtuoso study of the fragmentary, partial, and often contradictory traces that al-Hasan al-Wazzan left behind him, and a fresh interpretation of his extraordinary life and work. In Trickster Travels, Davis describes all the sectors of her hero’s life in rich detail, scrutinizing the evidence of al-Hasan’s movement between cultural worlds; the Islamic and Arab traditions, genres, and ideas available to him; and his adventures with Christians and Jews in a European community of learned men and powerful church leaders. In depicting the life of this adventurous border-crosser, Davis suggests the many ways cultural barriers are negotiated and diverging traditions are fused.–From publisher description.

  • 972.94 D86SL
    Dubois, Laurent
    Slave revolution in the Caribbean, 1789-1804 : a brief history with documents
    Summary:In the French Caribbean, between 1789 and 1804, slave revolutionaries transformed some of the richest plantation colonies in the world into zones of liberty and equality. [This book] provides students of Atlantic, U.S., and Caribbean history with a selection of primary sources that tell the story of this revolution and introduce some of its most famous – as well as some of its little-known – protagonists. -Pref.,Contains primary source material.

  • 810.9 H87AR
    Huh, Jinny
    The arresting eye : race and the anxiety of detection
    Summary:In her reading of detective fiction and passing narratives from the end of the nineteenth century forward, Jinny Huh investigates anxieties about race and detection. Adopting an interdisciplinary and comparative approach, she examines the racial formations of African Americans and Asian Americans not only in detective fiction (from Sherlock Holmes and Charlie Chan to the works of Pauline Hopkins) but also in narratives centered on detection itself (such as Winnifred Eaton’s rhetoric of undetection in her Japanese romances). In explicating the literary depictions of race-detection anxiety, Huh demonstrates how cultural, legal, and scientific discourses across diverse racial groups were also struggling with demands for racial decipherability. Anxieties of detection and undetection, she concludes, are not mutually exclusive but mutually dependent on each other’s construction and formation in American history and culture.,Includes primary source material.

  • 320.956 L96N
    Lynch, Marc
    The new Arab wars : uprisings and anarchy in the Middle East
    Summary:“Less than twenty-four months after the hope-filled Arab uprising, the popular movement had morphed into a dystopia of resurgent dictators, failed states, and civil wars. Egypt’s epochal transition to democracy ended in a violent military coup. Yemen and Libya collapsed into civil war, while Bahrain erupted in smothering sectarian repression. Syria proved the greatest victim of all, ripped apart by internationally fueled insurgencies and an externally supported, bloody-minded regime. Amidst the chaos, a virulently militant group declared an Islamic State, seizing vast territories and inspiring terrorism across the globe. What happened? The New Arab Wars is a profound illumination of the causes of this nightmare. It details the costs of the poor choices made by regional actors, delivers a scathing analysis of Western misreadings of the conflict, and condemns international interference that has stoked the violence. Informed by commentators and analysts from the Arab world, Marc Lynch’s narrative of a vital region’s collapse is both wildly dramatic and likely to prove definitive. Most important, he shows that the region’s upheavals have only just begun–and that the hopes of Arab regimes and Western policy makers to retreat to old habits of authoritarian stability are doomed to fail”–Front flap.

  • 303.48 T32N
    Tchen, John Kuo Wei
    New York before Chinatown : Orientalism and the shaping of American culture, 1776-1882
    Summary:“From George Washington’s desire (in the heat of the Revolutionary War) for a proper set of Chinese porcelains for afternoon tea, to the lives of Chinese-Irish couples in the 1830s, to the commercial success of Chang and Eng (the “Siamese Twins”), to rising fears of “heathen Chinee,” New York before Chinatown offers a provocative look at the role Chinese people, things, and ideas played in the fashioning of American culture and politics.” “Piecing together various historical fragments and anecdotes from the years before Chinatown emerged in the late 1870s, historian John Kuo Wei Tchen redraws Manhattan’s historical landscape and broadens our understanding of the role of port cultures in the making of American identities.”–Jacket.

Reginald F Chutter Memorial Fund