Class of 2009

  • Children’s Collection P39AR
    Penner, Rachel.
    Armando, the amazing armadillo
    Summary:A troupe of traveling entertainers come upon Armando in Alamogordo and make him part of a magic act. Armando’s fame grew as he traveled with the magician, Presto Chango, but Armando soon becomes homesick and tries to find a way to get back to Alamogordo. After an arduous journey, he finally finds his way home and with the help of his cousin, Attilla, Armando goes back to his life of eating ants and digging tunnels while he tells all the other armadillos about his adventures with the traveling magician.

  • 973 H35D
    Heffner, Richard D.
    A documentary history of the United States
    Summary:A collection of documents, speeches, and letters chronicles the history of the United States, with accompanying texts that analyze the significance of each document.,Contains Primary Source Material.


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