Class of 1965

  • DVD 796.332 R18H (Phillips-OWHL only)
    Harvard beats Yale 29-29
    Publication Year:2009
    Summary:One of the most legendary games in the history of sports: Harvard Stadium, November 23, 1968. Harvard and Yale, both teams undefeated for the first time since 1909, meet for the annual climax of the Ivy League football season. Yale and Harvard stage an unforgettable football contest that baffled even their own coaches. Using vintage footage and bracingly honest contemporary interviews with the players from both sides, this film is a poignant portrait of American lives, American sports, and American ideals.

  • 741.5 G15
    The Gang of eight
    Publication Year:1985

  • FICTION B4396D
    Bennett, Rick
    Destroying Angel : air aria from Opera of the Blades
    Publication Year:2000

  • 364.66 B66EI
    Bonpasse, Morrison
    80 proposals to stop wrongful convictions before the end of this decade
    Publication Year:2015
    Summary:This book is about the need to drastically reduce to .1% or less the frequency of wrongful conviction and to exonerate the thousands of wrongly convicted inmates now in prison. The United States has a large wrongful conviction problem, and it’s a travesty. This book presents 80 Proposals to STOP the problem. The forensic DNA revolution, which produced its first wrongful conviction exoneration in 1989, has led to some changes in the U.S. criminal justice system but not nearly enough. In the history of criminal justice systems, the people wrongly convicted over the centuries always knew what had happened to them, but few others knew or cared. Now we all know. The book provides 80 practical proposals for national reform of the criminal justice system in order to reduce the frequency of wrongful conviction to .1 percent or less.

  • 332.4 B66SI
    Bonpasse, Morrison
    Single global currency : common cents for the world
    Publication Year:2006

  • 363.9 B62T
    Bonpasse, Morrison
    Too many humans : the imperative to return to a human population of 1 billion
    Publication Year:2015
    Summary:Too Many Humans: the imperative to return the population to 1 billion connects global warming to population growth and argues for Zero Population Growth (ZPG) and then a long term reduction of the size of the human population. The goal of one billion was selected as that was the total human population in 1800, at the beginning of the century when the industrial revolution began. This goal will be achieved by the voluntary reduction of the birth rate to a level below the death rate, a status already reached by several countries.

  • 332.4 B66SI 2014
    Bonpasse, Morrison
    The single global currency : common cents for the world
    Publication Year:2014
    Summary:The book is for all readers around the world, as every human being in our increasingly globalized world has an interest in achieving the goal of a Single Global Currency. What the people of the world want and deserve is stable money, so that the money they earn, save and invest today will be worth almost the same tomorrow. The Single Global Currency will provide that stability. It is the common cents/sense currency for our increasingly globalized world.

  • FICTION B6441T
    Bonpasse, Morrison
    2121 and Jesus and Jesusa : two utopian novels
    Publication Year:2014
    Summary:his book contains two utopian books: 2121 and Jesus and Jesusa . Jesus and Jesusa is a utopian novella about the cloning of the foreskin of Jesus of Nazareth to create an identical brother and sister, Jesus and Jesusa. 2121 is a utopian novel about the conviction of Chad Delano of Portland, Maine in 2117 of negligent chemical manslaughter and his struggle to overcome that erroneous judgment.

  • 633.1 EU17C
    Eubanks, Mary W
    Corn in clay : maize paleoethnobotany in pre-Columbian art
    Publication Year:1999

  • 211 J21CO
    Jako, Miklos
    Confronting believers : affirming a more sensible God
    Publication Year:2005

  • 211 J21T
    Jako, Miklos
    The truth about religion: Book 1
    Publication Year:2005
    Summary:The author – a realistic theist – examines the beliefs of popular New Age movements (astrology, healing, channeling, Wicca, "A Course in Miracles,") and the beliefs of major Christian sects (Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science.) He engages in a series of informal debates with representatives of each group. He questions the logic and evidence for these belief systems, and arrives at conclusions, which by the end of each section are, he hopes, self-evident to any reasonable person. Part II of the book moves on to refute mainline Christianity and presents a more plausible conception of God.

  • 741.5 M233T
    Macnelly, Jeff
    The other Shoe
    Publication Year:1980
    Summary:More adventures of Shoe and his friends.

  • 741.5 M233S
    Macnelly, Jeff
    The Shoe must go on
    Publication Year:1984

  • 741.5 M233M
    Macnelly, Jeff
    MacNelly, the Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist.
    Publication Year:1972

  • 741.5 M233P
    Macnelly, Jeff
    Pluggers : calm in the face of disaster
    Publication Year:1995

  • 917.94 M26BL
    Madison, Mike
    Blithe tomato
    Publication Year:2006

  • 617.1 M17E
    Mcgregor, Rob Roy
    EEVeTeC : the McGregor solution for managing the pains of fitness
    Publication Year:1982

  • 811 P875CO
    Power, Marjorie
    Complete Tishku
    Publication Year:2005

  • 811 P875SE
    Power, Marjorie
    Seven parts woman : poems
    Publication Year:2016

  • 811 P875BI
    Power, Marjorie
    Birds on Discovery Island
    Publication Year:2005

  • 796.332 R18H
    Rafferty, Kevin
    Harvard beats Yale 29-29
    Publication Year:2009
    Summary:Based on the critically acclaimed documentary, Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 tells the story of the most famous college football game in history. One of the most legendary games in the history of sports: Harvard Stadium, November 23, 1968. Harvard and Yale, both teams undefeated for the first time since 1909, meet for the annual climax of the Ivy League football season. Yale and Harvard stage an unforgettable football contest that baffled even their own coaches.

  • 338.4 R622D
    Roe, David
    Dynamos and virgins
    Publication Year:1984

  • 363.46 SA54BE
    Sanger, Alexander
    Beyond choice : reproductive freedom in the 21st century
    Publication Year:2004
    Summary:The author, grandson of Margaret Sanger and a longtime leader in the reproductive rights movement, examines issues surrounding both the pro-choice and pro-life movements.

    Sheldon, Charlie
    Fat chance
    Publication Year:1991

  • 624.19 V28B
    Vanderwarker, Peter
    The Big Dig : reshaping an American city
    Publication Year:2001
    Summary:In The Big Dig, we are taken behind the scenes of the Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel Project to discover how traffic in Boston got to be so bad in the first place, and how poor planning led to an elevated highway that divided the city and made traffic worse.


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