Returning Kindle eBooks

You don’t really need to return ebooks — they return themselves when their due date is reached, becoming inactive for you and available for someone else to borrow. However, you can return them early, and we encourage you to do so. This lets you take out more ebooks if you’ve reached the four-book limit, and it also makes the ebook available for someone else.

Returning Kindle Books Early

To return books, go to Manage My Kindle on the Amazon site and find the ebook in the My Library list. Click on the Return this book option under the Actions menu.

Return Confirmation

You will be asked to confirm that you really want to return the ebook.

Delete book

After you’ve returned the ebook, it will remain in the My Library list, and any notes or highlighting that you’ve done will be preserved in case you decide to buy the book or borrow it again. If you want to remove it from the list, you can use the Actions menu to delete it.