Using OverDrive with Kindle

You can use NOBLE’s OverDrive site to borrow ebooks to read on your Kindle ebook reader, the Kindle app on your computer, iPad, smartphone or other mobile device, or the Kindle Cloud Reader. The ebooks that you borrow from the library will appear in your My Library list on the Kindle site and will synchronize across all of your Kindle devices and apps, just like Kindle books you get from Amazon.

In order to use Kindle books, you must have one or more Kindles or Kindle apps registered to an Amazon account. When you borrow ebooks for the Kindle, you are transferring them to your Amazon account, and are subject to Amazon’s terms of service and privacy policies, not the library’s.

There are two parts to the process: first you visit the NOBLE OverDrive site to select ebooks and check them out using your library card, and then you go to Amazon to bring the ebook into your Amazon account and send it to a Kindle reader or app.

On the NOBLE OverDrive Site

  • Search Kindle — Use Advanced Search to Limit to Kindle
  • Search Results — You can see formats listed on the Search Results screen
  • Add to Bookbag — You add books to the bookbag before checking them out. They stay in the bookbag, unavailable to other users, for 30 minutes.
  • Login — You get stopped for login before checking books out unless you were already logged in
  • Checkout — Note that you can choose a loan period here: 7, 14 or 21 days. Also note that this screen shows the checkout limit, how many checkouts you have and how many remain.
  • Get for Kindle — After you’ve checked out the book, you use the Get for Kindle button to transfer the title to your Amazon account.

On the Amazon Site

  • Get Library Book — This is the screen you get after clicking on Get for Kindle on the OverDrive site. You click on the Get Library Book to put the book in your Kindle Library and to send it to your Kindle or a registered Kindle app on a computer or mobile device
  • Confirmation — This is the confirmation for Get Library Book. The book has been sent to the device, or is ready to be read in the Kindle Cloud Reader or transferred by USB if necessary.
  • Your Kindle Library — This is the list of titles you get from My Account –> Manage My Kindle
  • Returning OverDrive Titles Early — How to return titles so you can check out more and make the books available for others
  • Loan Ended — Sample of the e-mail message that you get when a loan ends, either because it reached the due date or the ebook was returned early.

More on Using OverDrive with Kindle

  • Download and Transfer via USB — Transferring a title via USB is only necessary for Kindles that lack WiFi or WiFi is unavailable. This is the screen you get when you choose the option to download and transfer a book via USB. Note that the Transfer Tip provides the instruction on what to do with the downloaded file.
  • Public Library Books for Kindle — Amazon’s Help page for borrowing ebooks through OverDrive