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Research Advisory Request Form

The Research Advisory Service offers students the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a librarian to get help with library research. The librarian will talk with you about your assignment and the type of information you need, and then guide you to appropriate databases, indexes and other library resources that will be most relevant for your search, and show you how to use them. The librarian can also help you obtain hard-to-find materials, give you ideas for locating primary sources, and show you how to evaluate information on the Web. Keep in mind that the librarian cannot write the paper for you, but can help you to complete the research process effectively and efficiently

View this list to get an idea of the types of topics handled by librarians during a research advisory appointment:

Use the form below to request a consultation session with a librarian to help with your assignment. You will be notified of the date and time of your appointment by e-mail.

Your name:
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What is your research topic?
What course is it for?
When is it due?
What kind of assignment is it? (e.g. paper, project, presentation)
How long does the assignment need to be? (e.g. 15 pages, 20 minutes)
How many sources are required?

What sources has your professor suggested you use?
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World Wide Web (list best URLs)
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What days and times are best for you to meet with a librarian?