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McQuade Library Facilities Policy

The McQuade Library is the academic center of Merrimack College. The building is open to the public, which includes Merrimack students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni and off-campus community members. All are welcome to enter the building and use the facilities; however, priority for services will be given to Merrimack College members.

This policy refers to library services and building use. Other campus departments that are housed in the library have their own policies related to their services. Patrons should contact the other departments directly for specific information.

A directory for the building departments is located in the front lobby to the right of the staircase leading to the upper levels. A general floor plan is posted on the circulation desk.

Operating Hours:

The operating hours of the building follow the college calendar and attempt to be open at times that accommodate the majority of students.

During the Academic semester, the operating hours for the building are:

Monday-Thursday 7:30 A.M. – midnight

Friday 7:30 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.

Saturday 10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Sunday 11:00 A.M. – midnight

During Summer Session, the library summer operating hours are:

Monday-Thursday 8:30 A.M. – 9:30 P.M.

Friday 8:30 A.M. -- 4:30 P.M.

Saturday and Sunday CLOSED

Holiday hours: During the academic year, the library will be open for Monday holidays. However, the hours will be abbreviated from regularly scheduled hours.

In case of inclement weather: The McQuade Library will make every attempt to open the building to accommodate the resident students. Following College guidelines, the hours will be as follows:

-If day classes are cancelled, as stated on the emergency weather number, the McQuade Library will operate as Sunday hours, 11:00 A.M.- midnight.

-If day and evening classes are cancelled, the operating hours will be 11:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M. -If evening classes only are cancelled (day classes are held and the College closes early), the McQuade Library will close at 9:00 P.M.

- If weather conditions become severe, call the automated library attendant (978) 837-5215 for updates.

The McQuade Library Gallery and Cafe

The Art Gallery and Café is located off the front lobby and can accommodate small exhibits. The Director of Media Instructional Services acts as Gallery Curator and schedules exhibits throughout the year. Within the gallery are several small tables and chairs for patrons to consume covered beverages they may choose to bring into the building. The Gallery hours coincide with the building schedule.

Food and Drink

Drinks in covered containers are allowed throughout the library building except in ITC Computer Lab. Food is limited to non-public areas of the Library such as offices and staff area.

Meeting Rooms

The Library has a number of rooms that may be reserved for classes, events, workshops, or other activities.

Alumni Hall Auditorium and the Arundel Room are large group rooms that must be reserved through the Manager of Conference and Events. These rooms may not be used without proper authorization.

Click here for the Seminar Room Reservation Policy.

An online calendar with listings for various scheduled meetings and classes within the facility is available at http://www.noblenet.org/cgi-bin/Calcium/merrimack_reservation.

Alden Classroom Usage Policy

The George I. Alden Information Literacy Classroom is a "smart" classroom available for instruction. Use of the room is limited to the Merrimack College community and library-related groups. Reservations must be made with the Operations Manager to book the Alden classroom. All reservations will be marked in the reservation book by the Operations Manager.

Because of the high level of technology used in the room, the instructor must have training on Smart Classroom technology with Information Technical Services Assistant, Lynne Sullivan.

Priority for usage will first be given to classes in Library Instruction or Communications Studies. Information Technology Center’s request for CARS training has the next highest priority.

Requests for one-time classroom use are allowed and can be reserved immediately. On a very limited basis, the library will accommodate faculty requests for the classroom for an entire semester. The Operations Manager must check with the Public Services Department before approving.

Please note:

The assigned user will be given keys to the Alden Classroom at scheduled time.

The assigned user is responsible to leave the room in the same condition as found.

All technology on the Instructor’s Desk should be turned off and locked.

Room must be locked when class is finished.

Keys must be returned to Circulation Desk.

The user should report any problems or concerns with classroom usage to Head of Circulation, Evening Circulation Supervisor, or Operations Manager.

Faculty Offices

The Operations Manager is responsible for the office requests and key assignments with periodic review by the Academic Vice-President. Arrangements for office furniture, phone and data connections must be made by the Office occupant with their department. The library is not responsible for these costs. When an office is vacated, the occupant must return the key to the Operations Manager and a receipt will be issued if requested.

Bulletin Board Information

There are several areas within the front lobby and the lower level corridor for information displays.

The bulletin boards have space for: library information, campus information, recent acquisitions, general news clippings, articles of interest, and Hamel Health brochures. Appropriate printed notices of college related information may be submitted to the Operations Manager for display consideration on the bulletin boards if space is available. Unsolicited posters and fliers are not allowed on glass, front entrance doors, outside pillars, lobby area, blue metal doors and wooden doors.

Bulletin board information locations are:

Front lobby-two panels contain library and general campus events and information. The glass-case board displays campus information and a posted copy of CONNECTIONS, a publication for the Merrimack College community.

Lower Level - six panels for general information.

Display Cases

Three display cases in the front lobby exhibit materials on various themes of interest to the College Community. The display schedules have an indefinite period depending upon the subject matter. Requests for display material may be submitted to the Operations Manager, who maintains the exhibits.

Physical Plant/Housekeeping work requests

The library attempts to maintain a clean, safe environment for its users. Any repairs or housekeeping issues should be reported to the Operations Manager, who will submit work requests to Physical Plant either by written form, 5ITC phone line, or in an emergency, ext. 4465.

Lost and Found

The library maintains a lost and found cabinet for articles left in the building. Inquiries for lost articles may be directed to a staff member at the Circulation Desk. Items of significant value such as a wallet, purse, drivers license, and/or student i.d. are brought as soon as possible to the Public Safety Office in O’Reilly, 208

Patrons with Disabilities

Patrons with disabilities may access the Library at the front entrance. A short sloped walkway can accommodate a wheelchair and the front entrance door has an outside and interior button, which will open the front entrance doors. The building elevator is located off the front lobby to the right. The passenger elevator reaches each floor of the building. In the lower level, a handicapped bathroom is available next to the men’s room. The library continues to comply with the College’s ADA requirements.

Library staff will assist any patron with disabilities in retrieving books and/or other research materials that cannot be obtained by the individual.

Security and Emergency Situations

In the event of any emergency situation, library staff will call Public Safety’s 24-hour emergency number 5911 on a desk phone or the direct line call box outside the entrance to the building. The library will comply with any immediate instructions given by Public Safety on the phone.

In case of fire or smoke, anyone in the building should immediately pull the emergency fire alarm pulls, which are located on the east and west sides of the building on each floor. All library staff and people occupying the building are expected to evacuate the building immediately making no attempt to combat the fire emergency or attempt to use fire emergency equipment located in the building.

Emergency exits are located through the front lobby or rear stairwell exiting to the east side of the building. The library staff is not responsible for evacuating the building. Emergency personnel such as Public Safety Officers or firemen will be responsible for evacuation and assisting patrons with disabilities from the building.

Incident Reports

Library staff will fill out a brief incident report form for any particular situation/incident that requires documentation for the Public Safety Office. A copy of the report is submitted to the Public Safety Office with a duplicate copy for Library files, which is maintained by the Operations Manager.


There are three public photocopiers within the McQuade Library. One is located on the first floor and two are on the second floor. The copiers make 8 1/2 X 11 copies only. The charge is ten cents per page. The copiers can make change with coinage or bill changers. The copiers also accept "campus cash" with a valid Merrimack College i.d. card. If the copier malfunctions, contact a library staff member in the vicinity. For reimbursement of lost cash, the individual fills out a reimbursement form, which is submitted to the Purchasing Office. The library is not responsible for reimbursement of copier money.