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Circulation Department Policy Guidelines

The Circulation Department, located on the main floor of the McQuade Library, is responsible for maintaining the order of the general book collection and special collections on the second and third floors of the library. The department's student employees and staff are trained in assisting patrons with book location, renewals, recalls, overdues, course reserves, and interlibrary loans as well as maintaining patron records and handling basic informational questions.

Borrower Eligibility

The following patrons may borrow books from the McQuade Library:

  • All full-time, part-time, Corporate, and Continuing Education students enrolled at the college
  • All full-time and part-time administrators and staff currently employed by the college
  • All full-time, part-time, and adjunct faculty currently employed by the college (including faculty on sabbatical)
  • Patrons from the North of Boston Library Exchange (NOBLE) consortium
  • Merrimack College alumni
  • Merrimack College summer students
  • Suffolk MBA and University of Massachusetts-Lowell students
  • Organizations temporarily on campus*

To borrow books from the library, a valid campus identification card, for the Merrimack College community or valid NOBLE library card for all NOBLE patrons, must be presented at the time of checkout.

Students from the Division of Continuing Education, Corporate Education, Suffolk MBA programs, and the University of Massachusetts-Lowell must provide a valid college identification card, or picture ID (e.g., driver’s license) and proof of class enrollment, prior to checking out materials.

Merrimack College alumni will be provided with a special borrower card once their information is validated through the Office of Alumni Relations.

Merrimack College summer students without college identification cards will be provided with a special borrower library card upon proof of their class enrollment and valid picture ID (e.g., driver's license).

*Patrons affiliated with organizations that are temporarily on campus must have permission from the Library Director prior to checking out library materials.

No other patrons may be allowed borrowing privileges without the written permission of the Library Director.

Borrowing Periods

NOBLE patrons, Merrimack College students, alumni, and patrons granted permission by the Library Director may borrow books from the general collection for 30 days. Books are due back to the library on or before the stamped due date. McQuade Library books may be renewed twice before being returned unless a hold request has been placed on the book, in which case the book is due by the date specified on the recall notice.

Merrimack College faculty, staff, and administrators may borrow books from the general collection for the duration of one semester. Books are due back to the library on the last day of classes, indicated by the stamped due date. Due to the extended check out period, the college's faculty, staff, and administrators are allowed a single renewal unless a hold request has been placed on the book, in which case the book is due by the date specified on the recall notice.

Reference materials, newspapers, periodicals, and course reserve materials must be utilized within the library.

Books not available at the McQuade Library may be requested through interlibrary loan. This service is available only to current Merrimack College student, staff, faculty, and administration. Alumni and patrons granted borrowing privileges by the Library Director may not request materials via interlibrary loan.

Each borrower is responsible for returning all books and other materials on time and in good condition.

Overdue Materials

McQuade library books may be returned at the Circulation Desk of the library, or returned at any NOBLE library. Interlibrary loan books from outside the NOBLE consortium must be returned to the McQuade Library. Up to three overdue notice will be sent to the borrower for any book that has not been returned by the due date.

Billed Materials

Patrons will be billed for items not returned after overdue notices have been issued. The billing policies can be found below:

Lost and Damaged Material

Lost or damaged McQuade Library books should be reported to the Evening Library Services Manager as soon as possible. A $50.00 fine for each lost or damaged item will be charged to the patron’s account and must be paid immediately at the Office of the Bursar. A refund of fines will be made if items are found and returned to the library within one month of a bill notice being issued.

Lost or damaged interlibrary loans should be reported to the Evening Library Services Manager as soon as possible. Replacement charges and/or damage fees for interlibrary loan materials are at the discretion of the lending library. The borrower assumes responsibility for all costs of lost or damaged interlibrary loan materials.

Course Reserve Material

Students who check out material on reserve for a particular course must present a valid Merrimack College identification card. Students may check out up to five items for two hours at a time, with a maximum renewal period of an additional two hours. Course reserves that are in high demand will not be renewed, thus allowing other students the opportunity to utilize the material.

Placing an Item on Reserve: In order to place a book or periodical on reserve, a faculty member must complete a reserve request form. These forms are available at the Circulation Desk and on-line at the library's website.

Faculty may supply the library with a list of book titles and call numbers, or submit the items themselves. Circulation staff will retrieve items from the library collection if a list is provided. If the requested material is unavailable, the instructor will be notified as soon as possible. Under no circumstances will faculty members be allowed to place interlibrary loaned material on reserve. Furthermore, reference material will only be placed on reserve after consulting and receiving permission from the Reference Department.

Reserve Processing: Processing of reserve materials will take two business days, with a maximum of three business days during peak periods (e.g., start of each semester, midterms). Materials are not available for circulation until they have been processed. Faculty may submit course reserve material for the duration of the semester in which a course is offered. Books or periodicals may be placed on "permanent reserve" if deemed necessary by the instructor. Photocopied items will not be placed on "permanent reserve."

In order to be placed on reserve a photocopy must be accompanied by a completed Reserve Request Form and a copy of the notice allowing permission to photocopy. Faculty must request permission from the copyright holder before placing a photocopy on reserve.

Faculty may place up to five copies of a title/item on reserve. This restriction applies to books, journals, photocopies (only if initially approved by the copyright holder), and any combination thereof. The library reserves the right to refuse any photocopies deemed to be in violation of Copyright Laws, Title 17, U.S.Code. Please refer to the library's copyright policy for further information.

Removing an Item on Reserve: The Circulation Department will remove all course reserve material at the end of the semester. If an item is to be taken off reserve prior to the end of the semester, twenty-four hour notification is expected, thus allowing the Circulation Department time to de-accession the material from the library system. All items will be returned to the library stacks or to the faculty member as indicated on the Reserve Request Form.


The McQuade Library staff maintains a strict standard of confidentiality. The staff will not, under any circumstances, provide information about a patron to anyone other than library staff. This information includes, but is not limited to, the following: contact information, social security or identification numbers, and/or items borrowed.

Circulation Department Authority

The Circulation Department has no authority over the Printing Center, the second floor computer lab, auditorium, Media Center, private faculty offices, or Academic Support Services (including the writing, math, and study centers). Questions or concerns regarding these areas of the library building should be directed to the appropriate department.

Patrons interested in reserving the seminar rooms on the third floor of the library for multiple sessions must contact the library's Operations Manager. Walk-in patrons interested in reserving a seminar room for a one-time session may sign up at the Circulation Desk. Seminar room availability is on a first come, first reserve basis.

The George I. Alden Trust Information Literacy Classroom, located on the third floor of the McQuade Library, is for teaching purposes only. Merrimack College faculty, staff, or administration wishing to utilize the classroom must contact the library's Operations Manager to verify room availability. Prior to reserving the classroom, faculty, staff, or administration must be knowledgeable in the use of Smart Classroom Technology. If training is needed, instructors must contact the Information and Technology Services Department to schedule a training session with the Technology Assistant.

Please refer to the library's facilities policy for further information.