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Tolle Lege

From the Director’s Desk

Academic scholarship and academic integrity come together in this newsletter. Both are important topics on their own but together they send a powerful message of what this College values.

Academic scholarship demonstrates the commitment of our faculty to their discipline and the extraordinary effort to advance learning through their published work. The Tolle Lege Reception will celebrate that commitment.

Academic integrity values an ethical understanding of responsibility in one’s own research and scholarship. It also values a respect for the research and scholarship of others. How do we instill this understanding in our students? Be part of our discussion.

During the spring semester, the library will host a number of events in support of these values. Please read on to find out more. I invite each of you to participate.

~ Barbara Lachance, Library Director

Tolle Lege Reception

Twenty-three members of the Merrimack College Community will be honored at the second annual Tolle Lege Reception in McQuade Library. Sixteen faculty members, five alumni, and one former trustee will formally add their published works to McQuade Library’s Tolle Lege special collection; thirteen books and 28 journal articles will be added to the collection. Four authors will speak about their work and all will participate in the signing ceremony.

This is a special opportunity to highlight the academic endeavors of our community and to celebrate their success. Please join us for this celebration on Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2005, from 3 to 5 p.m. in the Perkins Periodicals Room, McQuade Library.

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More READ posters!
McQuade Library Room Reservation Calendar
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READ posters

More Merrimack Celebrities reveal their favorite books!

The Merrimack Celebrity READ poster series continues! Suggestions for celebrities are welcome. Please contact Kevin Salemme, Director of Media Services, with your ideas!

Do you need to view schedule information about the Auditorium, seminar rooms, or the Arundel Room at the McQuade Library? Go to the room reservation calendar, where you will find up to date information on the availability of these rooms.

For more information, contact Bob O’Brien, Operations Manager at or x4208.

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Don't Go, Joe!
Spotlight on a Library Student Assistant

Joseph St Germain (Joe) is a senior English major at Merrimack College who has been a student assistant worker at the McQuade Library for over three years. Joe has become an indispensable part of the library staff having worked at one time or another in all departments of the library. The entire library staff truly appreciates Joe’s dependability, outstanding work ethic, conscientiousness and willingness to pitch in. This student worker has certainly made a lasting impression on everyone he has worked with - so much indeed, that we don’t want him to leave!

We asked Joe a few questions about his experience working in the McQuade Library:

How many hours a week do you work at the library?

During the school year, I try to work 10 hours a week. I usually work 4 hours on Saturday at the Circulation Desk. I spend the remaining 6 hours preparing periodicals and books for the bindery and helping to prepare new books, videos, and other materials for circulation.

You go to school full time and work part time. When you get a chance, what do you do like to do with your free time?

Since I’m an English major it should be no surprise that I like to spend my free time reading. I’m currently reading the book Faithful, which is about the Red Sox’s 2004 season. I also like to go to the movies and while I normally don’t watch much television, I’m hooked on the television show “Lost” and try to catch it whenever possible.

What is your secret to managing your busy schedule and still maintaining a very high grade point average?

As far as a secret goes, I am not so sure that I have one or that there even is one. After all, every class is different and so is every assignment and as a result no one approach is applicable to every class and every assignment. Therefore, I guess if there is a secret it is really just a matter of me trying my best to assess how much time and energy each class and assignment requires. I try to do everything possible to ensure that I put the required time and energy toward that course and assignment.

You have had the opportunity to work in many different departments in the library. Can you tell us what that experience was like for you?

Working in several departments has been a learning experience more than anything else, for working in so many departments has given me firsthand knowledge of the diverse concerns, procedures, and demands of each department and, as a result, has left me with a very clear picture of how the McQuade Library in particular and libraries in general operate.

How has this job been helpful to you as a student?

Working at the library has proved to be very helpful in that it has made me very familiar with all of the library’s resources from books to electronic databases. As a result, whenever an assignment calls for research, I always know which resources to turn to.

As you look to the future, what skills from this experience do you think will be helpful?

I think the communication and customer service skills that I have developed through my job responsibilities as well as through observation of the staff will prove most helpful in the future.


On behalf of the entire library staff, we wish Joe much success and happiness in his future endeavors and we wholeheartedly thank him for all his hard work! We’ll miss you!

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Salemme Goes International, Yet Stays Neutral

Switzerland is a nation traditionally known for its skiing, chocolate, watches, army knives, and neutrality. This Halloween, however, Switzerland will have a new tourist attraction: Merrimack's own Kevin Salemme! No, Kevin is not traveling as a holiday spector, but he is exhibiting some work that is so good, it's scary!

October 31st will mark the opening of an exhibition of Kevin Salemme's photography in downtown Geneva. The exhibition will include work that spans the last ten years of Kevin's career as a photographer. The show, hosted by the Athénée 4 Galerie Café, will run through the month of November. This is the second time the artist has exhibited work in Switzerland.

Kevin is very excited to have this opportunity, and hopes that the entire Merrimack Community will be able to attend. (Kevin will not be providing transportation to or from the event, but he is able to explain the necessary train route used to arrive there.)

The entire Library Staff would like to express our congratulations to Kevin for this well deserved opportunity.

For further information, please visit the Athénée 4 Galerie Café or visit Kevin in the Media Center!

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Academic Integrity at Merrimack College

The Center for Academic Integrity (CAI) defines academic integrity as "a commitment to five fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility."

The Library Advisory Committee seeks to explore further these values at Merrimack College and then translate them into action. All members believe that raising the level of awareness of academic integrity issues on campus should be among our highest priorities.

The library will be holding a series of open forums for faculty members to discuss academic integrity issues on campus.

The committee hopes to make recommendations for a plan dedicated to providing learning opportunities for students, faculty and administration on issues of ethics and academic honesty.

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