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Over the summer, library staff reviewed the results of the LibQUAL+ survey. Three items jumped out as “Red Flag” concerns: 1) Modern Equipment; 2) Quiet Space; and 3) Space that inspires study and learning.

Since two of these items fell under the "Library As Place" category, staff developed a marketing campaign entitled Meet Me @ McQuade, which highlights the library as a place to conduct research, study, and learn.

To improve the physical space, the library staff worked on modest improvements that will help in the short-term.

  • Defined quiet and group study zones throughout the library
  • Painted walls to brighten study areas
  • Rearranged furniture to create comfortable locations
  • Improved signage
  • Created a New Books display in Lobby area
  • Fixed auditorium leaks and retiled the floor

Using results of our web usability testing, we made a few changes to the library’s web page. Our virtual space now prominently features:

This is just a start. Please visit McQuade and let us know what you think, as we continue to improve our building, resources and services.

~Barbara Lachance, Library Director

Educational Resources Collection
Open House Held
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The Educational Resources Collection (ERC) at McQuade Library is a growing collection of instructional materials and teacher resources. An Open House was held in the ERC on the third floor of McQuade Library on October 5 , 3:30-5:00 PM for Merrimack College students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

The ERC includes multi-media materials for curriculum planning, lesson preparation, special education materials, kits, games, manipulatives and children’s literature and non-fiction books. The collection is of particular interest to Merrimack students who are enrolled in our undergraduate and graduate education programs.

Check out McQuade Library AudioBooks!

New Subject Bibliographies

September 11 Terrorist Attacks

New English Literature Materials FY2006

New Religious Studies Materials FY2006

Request a Library PIN

Do you want to be able to request books through our online catalog? How about view your current checkouts, and renew items from anywhere?

Fill out this simple online form or contact a librarian today!

Library Databases

Education Research Complete
This education database contains full text to over 70+ education journals not in other databases.

Find full text of hundreds of current, and back issues of philosophy journals here!

The New York Times (1851-2003)
The New York Times (1851-2003) offers full page and article images with searchable full text back to the first issue.

National Newspapers 27
New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Washington Post, Barrons, etc. Coverage starts 1980 for most titles.

We appreciate your feedback on these new additions!


The library will be emphasizing its social side with a new poster campaign and some exciting events.

Poster Campaign

Meet Kristen Ferraro and Jen Salamone, the first stars of our new poster campaign! The posters feature students studying at their favorite place in the library and include some insights into each student’s personality.

Students are encouraged to Lounge @ McQuade in a poster highlighting our new furniture layout and growing inventory of comfortable chairs. Students are always welcome to curl up in a chair or on a couch with a book or laptop.

Exciting Events

Students can enjoy free coffee, hot chocolate, and snacks on Tuesday, October 17th and during other Social Nights throughout the semester. On these special nights, students are invited to take a break from studying, catch up with friends, and refuel without having to leave McQuade. Special giveaways will be offered the first two social nights!

We will also be hosting a Jeopardy Night, which is explained in detail in the article below.

Finally, we’re going to help keep spirits up during finals with a fun filled Pajama Night. Students will be encouraged to study in the comfort of their own pajamas and compete for the top prize of having the best pajamas.

Meet Me @McQuade to Play JEOPARDY! America’s Favorite Quiz Show

On Tuesday, November 14th at 7pm, the Alden Classroom on the 3rd floor of McQuade Library will be transformed into Merrimack’s own version of the popular quiz show, JEOPARDY! complete with buzzers and that famous “think” music.

How can I play?

Teams of 3 to 5 contestants are asked to fill out the online registration form on the library website beginning October 1st. Individuals submitting the form will be assigned to a team.

What are the rules of Merrimack’s version of Jeopardy! ?

  • Each team awarded play chooses a category and dollar amount; when an “answer” is displayed, the team will provide the correct question to the answer within 15 seconds.
  • Before declaring their answer, teams must make sure all members are in agreement as to the question.
  • Teams providing the correct question “win” the dollar amount on the screen-it counts towards the team’s final score.
  • If a team provides the wrong question, other teams are given a chance to provide the correct one before play is awarded to another team. No team loses their “earnings” due to an incorrect question.
  • Daily Double: There is one Daily Double. When chosen, all teams decide on a dollar amount they earn with a correct question. Once the dollar amount is chosen, the answer is displayed and each team writes down their question. When time is called, a member of each team reads the question. Any team providing the correct question earns the amount they chose.
  • Prizes to be awarded may include a wireless mouse or gift certificates to local merchants.

    Sign up here !

    New Hires in the Circulation Department

    Every September students all across campus come to the library looking for jobs. This is especially true for the Circulation Department, which received over 40 applications this year alone.

    This year, as in year’s past, applicants with previous library experience, established customer service skills, and flexible schedules were given priority. Chosen applicants were interviewed by circulation supervisors Chris Condon and Joe St. Germain and many were then offered jobs.

    A total of 8 new student workers were hired. These students will be covering the front desk at all hours of the day, ready to assist you or direct you to a staff person who can. They will also be responsible for shelving, retrieving interlibrary loans, answering the phone, and, most importantly, representing the library to current and prospective students alike.

    We are proud to welcome the following students to our staff:

    • Meghan Glasgow, Junior
    • Andrea Pepin, Junior
    • Matthew Robertson, Sophmore
    • Nicole LaFleur, Freshman
    • Brandon Lang, Freshman
    • Alana Ngo, Freshman
    • Laura Regus, Freshman
    • Catherine Soucise, Freshman

    "Southwest: An Interdisciplinary Experience" McQuade Gallery Show a Success!

    On Wednesday, September 20th, McQuade Library Art Gallery hosted a Southwest Studies Photography Exhibit Reception. Merrimack faculty, parents, students, staff, as well as members of the public, enjoyed viewing photographs taken by Kevin Salemme.

    Congratulations, Kevin!

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    Please check our website for special holiday and intersession hours.

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