Media Instructional Services

Kevin Salemme, Director of Media Instructional Services, x4205

Our Services: The Media Center provides a variety of audiovisual services. In addition to standard projection equipment, audio and videocassette duplication, slide production, photographic services, digital imaging and videotape editing with studio production capabilities, students may borrow films from the video collection for a period of seven days with the possibility of one renewal.

Instruction: Our offerings also include training and tutoring on digital editing and the technical processes used in photography, digital photography, visual presentations, studio production and television station operation. These instructional services are available to individual students as well as faculty.

Broadcast Center: Also located in the Media Center is the Merrimack College cable television station (MCTV10), featuring an electronic bulletin board, student made productions, and classroom related films. This is a closed circuit on-campus only cable television station. As part of the campus wide cable system, students receive free HBO on channel 3.



Film Library

The film collection housed in the Media Center contains many titles on VHS videocassette and DVD. Students, faculty, staff and NOBLE card holders with proper ID may borrow films, which circulate for seven days. Reference videos may not circulate except to faculty for the purpose of exhibiting the film in class.

Videotapes on Reserve

Faculty may leave videos on reserve for individual or small group viewing in the Media Center. Class reserve videos may be viewed on MCTV10 by reserving a broadcast time. Students who miss these broadcasts may call the Media Center to make an appointment for a re-broadcast.

Video Production

Video Cameras are available for student use on class related presentation projects only. Video cameras are restricted use items: Fine Arts Making Video students have first right of access, any other access must be approved by the Director of Media Instructional Services. This approval is contingent upon basic knowledge of video camera operation, training will be provided. Late return of video equipment will result in immediate suspension of borrowing privileges.

Video Studio Production

A video production studio is available for use to record video programs. Instruction/assistance in studio production will be provided by appointment. A basic studio set is provided that is ideal for talk/news show production; all other props must be provided by producers. Other uses may include "unplugged" music presentations and lecture style documentary/informational programs, which may then be broadcast on MCTV10.

Video Post-production

The Media Services Department has 9 non-linear digital editing systems, which may be used for all video post-production from clipping scenes together for class presentations to special effects and titling. Tutoring is provided and the systems are easy to learn. Hard drive space will be assigned for projects on a first come, first serve basis. It is expected that student projects will be completed within a two week period as to free up hard drive space for others to use.


Audio and Video Duplication

Videocassette Duplication

Copies of videocassettes are provided with strict adherence to Federal copyright laws. Patrons should provide a blank tape or faculty may have their departments charged for the raw materials. This service may take one to three days as tapes are copied on a first come, first serve basis.

Audiocassette Duplication

Audiocassettes may be duplicated in mono on a high-speed copier. Patrons, again, should provide the blank tape. The blank should be the same length as the original. This service is provided while-you-wait, since it takes only a few minutes. Often, classes such a languages and music, will require additional listening exercises. Therefore, cassette originals are housed in the media services department for duplication. Students must bring their own blank tape and specify the name of the class and cassette to be duplicated. While-you-wait service is provided during opening hours, or orders may be picked up the next business day.

Copies on DVD

Videocassettes may also be copied onto DVD format.



Photography Production

All types of photographic production are available, from studio portraiture to industrial. Students, faculty and staff may use this service to obtain a resume portrait, or any image necessary for class presentation or publication. Instruction on photographic techniques is also available to students and faculty by appointment.

Digital Photography

Similarly, digital photographs and/or scans of photographs are also provided. Digital images may be made from any flat or three-dimensional original. These scans/photographs may be presentation or publication quality resolution in any format, and will be delivered by e-mail, Zip disc or CD provided by the patron. In addition, instruction is available on using Power Point and/or Photo Shop software.

Slide Production

Slides may be made from magazines, books or any original flat work. Students must provide tungsten light balanced slide film, such as Kodak Ektachrome Tungsten 160, which will be used to shoot the slides. Students will then have the film processed to develop the slides. Faculty may have their departments charged for the materials and processing. This service requires one-week minimum notice.


Television Station

MCTV10 Message Center

Messages and photographs scroll on the college cable TV station twenty-four hours a day. Specific message requests are honored with one-day notice. All groups and organizations on campus are invited to submit their requests in writing to the Media Services Department.
The Following Equipment May Be Borrowed
Overhead Projector: May circulate for one class period, over-night, or weekend, some are available for semester-long room assignment.
Slide Projector: May circulate for one class period, over-night, or weekend.
Cassette Recorder/Player: May circulate over-night only.
Video Camera: May circulate for a period of 24 hours, restrictions apply (see video production)

Student accounts will be billed for the non-return of slide projectors or video cameras.

Video Viewing Facilities on Campus for Students and Faculty

Television and VCRs: Each classroom building has TV/VCRs assigned to departments listed below: make reservations directly with individual department. The Media Center will not deliver televisions to classroom buildings.
Cushing Hall: Religious Studies, Fine Arts, Political Science, Communication Studies.
Sullivan Hall: Philosophy, English, Sociology.
Mendel Hall: Chemistry, Biology.
O’Reilly Hall: DCE.
Deegan West: Classroom and Fireplace Lounge.

Places to show video to large groups (more than 30):
Library Auditorium, Stevens Theater, Rogers Center for the Arts.