The Penguin Lady

By , March 18, 2010 11:40 am

The Penguin LadyWe are thrilled to announce that Penguin Expert/Author/Educator Dyan deNapoli will be on campus during the college’s first ever “Blue, Gold, and Green” sustainability festival.

Plan to attend her “Penguin Rescue!” presentation on Wednesday, April 14th at 3:00pm in Murray Lounge.

PENGUIN RESCUE! :  Come hear the incredible story of the world’s largest, and most successful, rescue of oiled wildlife. When the MV Treasure sank off the coast of South Africa, 75,000 African penguins were in the path of the oil that spilled from the ship. Nearly 20,000 penguins were oiled and another 20,000 had to be moved to prevent them from becoming oiled. More than 12,500 volunteers came to Cape Town from all around the world and donated 556,000 hours of their time to save the traumatized, oil-covered penguins. Dyan served as a rehabilitation supervisor during the massive rescue effort. Ultimately, 95% of the affected penguins were successfully returned to the wild.

Dyan is currently writing a book about this remarkable event. This inspiring presentation, accompanied by compelling photographs, consistently receives rave reviews.

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  1. Janet says:

    Fantastic Program!!

  2. Hi Janet,

    I just saw your comment about my program – thank you so much! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed it.

    Dyan – The Penguin Lady

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