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Link to Library Resources and Services in Blackboard

Make it easy for your students to access McQuade library resources & services from within Blackboard.

If you need additional help, please call the reference desk at x4210 or email a librarian at merref@noblenet.org.

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Articles in a Library Database

In some databases, you are able to provide a link to the full-text article; the student just clicks the link and reads.

Many subscription databases, however, use session-specific IDs, which means the URL in the top bar is often not stable.

In order to create a link to a specific article, you need to use a persistent link (also called a persistent URL or stable URL).

Some (not all) of our databases have persistent links at the article level.
*** If the database does not offer persistent linking, you can still link to the database, provide the citation information & have your students search on their own for the article. See "Databases" Section.

Example from JSTOR database:

These links will also have to be routed through the library proxy server if you want to ensure that off-campus students will be able to read the articles.

In order for your students to access articles from OFF CAMPUS, the URL link must include a prefix for our proxy server. The proxy server prefix is:


Add the prefix in front of the stable URL.

For example, the URL to the JSTOR article above would be:

NOTE: Links within any of the EBSCOhost databases should already have the proxy prefix in the URL.

Library Catalog & Items in the Library Catalog

Library Catalog link: http://innopac.noblenet.org/search~S40/X

You are also able to link into our web catalog and access specific books, and subject searches directly.

Please contact a librarian & we'd be happy to show you how to do this.


To link to a specific database:

1. Go to "Databases A-Z" page at http://www.noblenet.org/merrimack/dbs.htm

2. Right-click on the appropriate title

3. Select Copy Link Location in Mozilla or Firefox or Copy Shortcut in Internet Explorer

4. Go to Blackboard and create an External Link in a content area

5. Paste the URL using Ctrl + V in the blank

Online Research Guides

Course Research Guide Page http://www.noblenet.org/merrimack/crg.htm
Subject Guide Page http://www.noblenet.org/merrimack/subject.htm


NoodleBib is online citation builder that allows students to create an MLA or APA formatted bibliography and download it as a Word document to turn in with their papers.

Use this URL to link to NoodleBib: http://proxy3.noblenet.org/login?url=http://www.noodletools.com/login.php?group=365&code=6913

Note: Do not link directly to www.noodletools.com. This link does not access the Library’s subscription to NoodleBib 6.0.

Also, let students know that the first time they use NoodleBib they need to create a personal folder and create a personal ID.

You may also want to link to McQuade Library's "How to Cite Sources" page at http://www.noblenet.org/merrimack/cite.htm