The Lynn Public Library is pleased to make Internet access available to our patrons.

The Internet is a worldwide network of independent computers that have the ability to communicate with one another.

It is not regulated or controlled by any centralized agency and therefore the library cannot assume responsibility for the content, accuracy or availability of its information.

While there is a wealth of great information to be found on the Internet, parents should be aware that some material may be objectionable and/or inappropriate for children. As with other library resources, the library cannot censor a child’s use of the Internet. Parents or legal guardians must assume responsibility for their children’s use of the Internet.

The Internet should not be a substitute for other library resources and patrons are encouraged to ask for assistance from the Reference Librarian to find the best sources for their research.

Approved by Trustees


  1. Policy. Each and every patron must conform to reasonable standards of behavior to ensure quality library services to all.
  2. Procedures.
    1. Staff can request that a patron who does not conform to reasonable standards of behavior leave the Library. In all cases, senior Library staff (Chief Librarian or department heads) shall exercise authority in these matters. If the patron does not readily comply, a custodian on duty may be called for backup. If the patron still does not comply, senior staff will call 911.
    2. If circumstances warrant, senior Library staff will call 911. The Police will be called without any notice to the patron if the patron is engaged in illegal activities.
    3. Rude, inappropriate behavior and/or verbal abuse of Library staff or other patrons will not be tolerated and patrons will be ejected for such behavior.
    4. Patrons who are ejected will not be allowed back into the Library until said patron has met with the Chief Librarian and all appropriate responsible parties to establish a clear list of the Library's expectations of the patron's conduct. This appeal for a meeting must be made in writing within 48 business hours of the incident.

Voted and passed by the Board of Trustees May 31, 2007


The Lynn Public Library welcomes and encourages children of all ages to utilize our services. However, the Lynn Public Library is NOT responsible for the well being of children who are left unattended in the Library. Parents/Guardians are strongly urged to accompany their children to the Library. Parents/Guardians should be aware that the Library is a public building and is no safer than any other public place or building.

Parents/Guardians are reminded that numerous, unexpected events may occur in which the Library could close without notice therefore stranding an unattended child.

The Lynn Public Library reserves the right to ask a patron to leave the building if he/she is acting in an inappropriate manner, creating a public nuisance or inhibiting the rights and privileges of others.

The Lynn Public Library staff is here strictly to help you and your children with library needs. The staff is not licensed to perform child care.

In the event an unattended child is not picked up 1/2 (one half hour) prior to closing, the library staff will attempt to notify parent or guardian. If attempts are unsuccessful, the library will notify the Lynn Police Department at least 15 minutes prior to closing.

During the school year, the library expects elementary students to be accompanied by an adult during school hours. If a child appears to be without adult supervision during school hours, the truancy officer will be notified.



If a patron loses any item they have borrowed on their library card, they must pay the replacement cost of the item before being able to borrow any other material. The replacement cost is listed in the data of every item this Library and other libraries own.

Once the patron has paid for the item, their library card record is cleared, and the item is deleted from the Lynn Public Library's database, if the item belongs to this Library.

If the patron should find the item at a later date, he/she then owns the item. The Library can no longer accept its return and refund the patron's money. The Lynn Public Library circulates up to 1600 items per day, and does not have the manpower or time to keep changing the status of any item or make refunds. If the item has been borrowed from another library, the patron is welcome to take up the issue with that library.

Patrons are strongly urged to search their homes for missing items to avoid any penalties that would have to be paid or losing any library privileges.


The Lynn Public Library is pleased to offer a variety of free programs to all. However, if the Lynn Public Library offers a program where space or supplies are limited, Lynn residents have preference. If, after the program starts, there is space available, non-residents are welcome to attend.


The Lynn Public Library is pleased to provide fax service to the public. Patrons needing fax service will be accommodated as soon as possible, but library services and operations will take priority.

Approved by the Lynn Public Library Board of Trustees: February 24, 2011


Approved by the Board of Trustees May 2011