Museum Pass Program

Painting of Angel at Lynn Public Library

The Lynn Public Library provides a variety of low-cost or free passes to area museums and attractions. These passes are available to all LYNN RESIDENTS age 18 or over. You only need a valid with a NOBLE library card to reserve passes online or by phone.

If you have given us your email address, you will receive a reminder 2 days before your museum visit. Just come in to the library with your library card and any applicable fees. We will check the pass out to you.

Please be aware that some museums charge a small entrance fee.

To reserve a pass using your library card:

View a list of Museums, and then select a date


Select a Date, and choose from available museums.

View or Cancel your reservations.

You may reserve 10 passes within 30 days with a limit of 2 passes per day. Passes may be reserved up to 60 days in advance. Please remember to cancel an unwanted pass before the day of your planned visit, or you will not be allowed to place additional reservations for 30 days.

The Lynn Public Library is not responsible for irresponsible patrons. Although we do everything possible to ensure that reserved passes are ready for patrons when they come to pick them up, sometimes circumstances are beyond our control. If your pass is not ready when you arrive, we will try to book you a pass at a different museum.