Meeting Room Policy

Meeting Room at the Lynn Public Library

Permission is required see below:



The facilities of the Lynn Public Library may be used by organizations and/ or individuals to sponsor programs/meetings of benefit to the community, provided that such meetings do not conflict with regular library services and programs. It is the policy of the Board of Library Trustees to allow the use of the meeting room facilities by community groups for programs that serve an educational, cultural or civic purpose.


1. The library meeting areas are used primarily for library/FRIENDS sponsored activities and, therefore, such programs receive priority in scheduling.

2. Library facilities may not be used by religious or political organizations, or by organizations desiring to sponsor a religious or political program.

3. Meetings must be open to the public (with the exception of pre-program planning sessions).

4. There will be no charge for the use of library facilities but the sponsoring organization/individual will be liable for any damage arising out of the use of the premises.

5. There will be no solicitation of funds for any purpose whatsoever.

6. Meetings will be booked on an individual basis and it is not the policy of the Lynn Public Library to schedule more than TWO meetings at a time for any single organization/individual. Reservations for meetings in a series are exceptional and require approval of the Board of Library Trustees.

7. Meetings may not be scheduled when the Library is normally closed.

8. Light refreshments may be served by the sponsoring organization, but that organization or individual must take responsibility for supplying all consumables and for cleaning up after the meeting.

9. Maximum seating allowances must be observed and smoking is PROHIBITED in ALL areas of the Library.

10. A representative of the sponsoring organization must be present throughout the entire time of the meeting.

11. Decorations, posters, etc. may not be affixed to any part of the library building without permission of the Chief Librarian and in accordance with established regulations.

12. The Library may not be used in any way for games of chance, .or for the selling, dispensing, or consuming of any alcoholic beverages.

13. Confirmation of an application is for the time and date stated in submission of a new not automatically the application and may not be changed without application. Approval of one application does mean the approval of an adjusted application.

14. Equipment and property brought into the Library must be removed within twelve (12) hours after a program has been held. Library Trustees are not responsible for any property left on the premises.

15. The Board of Library Trustees assumes no liability for injury to persons present in the building as the result of permission being granted

for a program/meeting. The Trustees also accept no liability for damage to equipment used in the course of a meeting or program.

16. Exceptions to these regulations may be made by the Board of Trustees upon application by a sponsoring organization/individual. In all cases the decision of the Board on any request is final.

17. The Board of Library Trustees reserves the right to reject any application or to make necessary changes in the event of an emergency.

18. All applications for use of library space must be made to the Chief Librarian. Matters of routine will be the responsibility of the Chief Librarian; matters of policy or of interpreting the rules and regulations will be referred to the Board of Trustees.


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