Leapin’ Leprechauns!

A St. Patrick’s Day booklist for kids — Click on the title to check the library catalog

  • Balian, Lorna
    Leprechauns never lie
    Gram is ailing and Ninny Nanny, too lazy to care for their simple needs, says she’ll catch a leprechaun to discover his hidden gold. Gram thinks it won’t work–but does it?
  • Dadey, Debbie
    Leprechauns don’t play basketball
    There’s a mystery going on between the new basketball coach and the third-grade teacher, Mrs. Jeepers.
  • Dadey, Debbie
    Leprechauns don’t play fetch
    There are some pretty weird grown-ups living in Bailey City, but could the owner of Clover Patch Pet Store really be a leprechaun?
  • Dillon, Jana
    Lucky O’Leprechaun
    On St. Patrick’s Day eve, Meghan and Sean get help from their three grandaunties and manage to capture a sly leprechaun.
  • Dillon, Jana
    Lucky O’Leprechaun comes to America
    When Great-uncle Patrick tries to give his grandnieces a treasure to take with them to America, he accidentally lures a leprechaun into their suitcases– with very lucky results.
  • Edwards, Pamela Duncan
    The leprechaun’s gold
    A leprechaun intervenes with gold and magic when a greedy, boastful young harpist gains an unfair advantage for a royal harping contest.
  • Heneghan, James
    After his mother and stepfather die in a Vancouver mudslide, eleven-year- old Andy Flynn, having been saved by leprechauns, is taken by his stern aunt to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he meets the charming father he thought was dead, and where he must decide what place to call home.
  • Kennedy, Richard
    The leprechaun’s story
    A tradesman meets a leprechaun and is determined that he won’t be tricked out of a pot of gold.
  • King-Smith, Dick
    Paddy’s pot of gold
    Brigid enjoys making friends with Paddy the leprechaun and wonders if he has a pot of gold.
  • Korman, Justine
    The luckiest leprechaun
    When a leprechaun reluctantly lets a dog befriend him, he finds out what it’s like to care about someone.
  • McMullan, Kate
    Fluffy’s lucky day
    On the day of the school’s Saint Patrick’s Day party, Fluffy the classroom guinea pig learns about and meets a leprechaun.
  • Martin, Ann M.
    Karen’s leprechaun
    With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, Karen copes with leprechauns, Irish lore, the St. Patrick’s Day parade, pots of gold, rainbows, and an adorable stray dog named Lucky.
  • Paulsen, Brendan Patrick
    The luck of the Irish
    A young Irish boy fights to save the Leprechauns’ forest home from destruction on St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Pike, Christopher
    The little people
    Adam and his friends welcome a herd of leprechauns when they come to Spooksville but soon the little people’s pranks turn from childish to cruel and Adam and his friends are fighting for their lives.
  • Robertson, Ivan
    Jack and the leprechaun
    Jack the mouse goes to visit his cousin in Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day, and spends the day trying to catch a leprechaun.
  • Shub, Elizabeth
    Seeing is believing
    Two stories about Tom and the piskies, “The Leprechaun’s Trick” and “Pisky Mischief.”
  • Shute, Linda
    Clever Tom and the leprechaun : an old Irish story
    Clever Tom Fitzpatrick thinks his fortune is made when he captures a leprechaun and forces him to reveal the hiding place of his gold, but the leprechaun is clever too.
  • Tucker, Kathy
    The leprechaun in the basement
    After encountering a leprechaun, Michael McKeever asks him to help with his family’s money problems, but unable to part with his gold, the wee man finds another way to help.
  • Wojciechowski, Susan
    A fine St. Patrick’s day
    Two towns, Tralee and Tralah, compete in an annual St. Patrick’s Day decorating contest which Tralah boastfully always wins, but when their hearts are put to the test by a little man with pointed ears, Tralee wins with no effort at all.