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Wordle is a popular online tool for making word clouds based on almost any kind of text. It’s easy to use, and there are lots of options for colors, font and layout. There’s a reason that Wordle won this year’s Webby Award in the Typography category!

You can’t download the images, but you can use Jing or any screen capture program to save them. Try putting your library mission statement in and see how it looks, or help kids make personal word clouds to show their interests. You can use these images on your website or printed projects — just be sure you credit Wordle.

  • Wordle — A great tool for making word clouds.
  • Wordle Advanced — Wordle’s advanced mode gives you additional options for input, including the ability to specify a color for each word
  • Word Cloud Of Obama And Cheney Speeches — Post by Stephanie Condon on CBS News Political Hotsheet
  • Wordle Advanced X Civil War — Greg Kulowiec, a creative history teacher in Plymouth, Massachusetts, describes a Wordle project for his U.S. History class. Each student will come up with a list of people, places and other words and phrases related to the Civil War, and will assign a number value to each based on their interpretation of the level of its importance. They will then paste their lists in Wordle, share the results and write a brief explanation of their choices. (You’ll also find lots of other interesting ideas on his History 2.0 Classroom blog!)
  • US Presidential Speeches Aging Tag Cloud Timeline — Chirag Mehta’s open source tool creates sliding timelines of word clouds

Wordle Advanced mode allows you to specify a color for each word

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