Flickr’s New Slideshow

Flickr just introduced a new, improved version of their slideshow, with many new features including the ability to include video as well as photographs. But the most important new feature is that Flickr slideshows are now easier to share, and can easily be embedded in blogs and webpages, like this:

You can make slideshows from your own photographs, of course — this is a great way to post a set of pictures from a library event on your website. But you can also make slideshows from groups or even search results, and link to them or embed them on your website. Be sure to play around with the options!

There are a lot of third-party tools around that build different kinds of slideshows with Flickr photographs, but there’s nothing easier than using the new, improved slideshow built right into the system!

More on the New Slideshow — From the Flickr Blog

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