“Ask a Librarian” Photos on Butler University’s Website

The Butler University Libraries page has an interesting feature I haven’t seen on other library websites — they have photographs of their librarians with the words ASK A LIBRARIAN on them. As you move around their site, you see these on nearly every page, different librarians each time. Click on the picture, and you go to the Ask a Librarian page with contact information for chat, e-mail and phone.

This is easy to do — they’re using a random image script for these to serve up different pictures every time you reload, and these are just part of their basic page template. But as you move from page to page to page, there’s this unconscious cumulative effect that really delivers that “Ask a Librarian” message.

It’s like advertising. I was on the site looking for something entirely unrelated, but after spending about five minutes looking around, I found myself with an uncontrollable urge to go ask myself something.

How Do I Get Started Doing Research? — A typical page from the Butler University Libraries

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