SearchMe Redesign

Update from TechCrunch: SearchMe May Go Offline Tomorrow (Updated: Offline Now) — “The company needs a new round of financing or a quick acquisition to stay online, but so far neither are happening…Bottom line, The site may go offline at least temporarily tomorrow if a buyer does not step in (Update: The site now redirects to Google)” — July 24, 2009

[I have edited this post to remove embedded content from SearchMe, but I am leaving the link and screenshot, and hoping that SearchMe will be back soon, one way or another! ]

SearchMe is a search engine known for its elegant visual display of search results. I have written about it here before [August 5, 2008] and I often include it in presentations — the visual display looks glorious projected on the big screen. I was a little concerned to hear they were doing a redesign, but it’s only taken me a couple of visits and a little fiddling around to feel comfortable on the new version.

The default results display is still a flowing series of page images, by default displayed as in a ribbon format [see screenshot below.]

SearchMe's Redesign

I love the way this looks, but I found the old display a little easier to use because the screenshotes were larger and it was easier to quickly get a sense of what was in the stack and jump ahead without actually flipping through them all. Fortunately, under Preferences you can change the default display to two other views, Pageflow and Tile. I haven’t decided which is my favorite, but I like having options.

SearchMe has a nice feature that lets you save links into collections called Stacks, allowing you to select your own group of items to display visually.

It’s definitely worth taking a little time to explore SearchMe — it’s not for everyone, but for visual learners, it’s a beautiful and efficient alternative to Google and other more text-oriented sites.

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