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I’ve always loved collections of quotations, ever since I discovered my mother’s old copy of Bartlett’s when I was around eleven years old. I spent many hours reading through it, and exploring the index. I remember going from the index to a quotation, and then working backward from the quotation to the index, trying to work out which words were significant enough to be indexed. Little did I know how important those searching skills would become many years later!

Quotes Daddy is sort of the Web 2.0 version of Bartlett’s — a large and eclectic assortment of quotations, with tag clouds, personal accounts, and an API for mashability. The most popular feature here, however, is probably the widgets, which make it easy to embed individual quotations in blog posts or webpages, like the one above.

You can also choose widgets with rotating quotes. There are ready-made ones with quotations on popular topics like Love and Friendship, or you can make your own, like the one below on Books. If you set up a free account on the site, you can make an even more customized widget, for example, one showing only quotations that you have tagged as “life” and “funny.”

I would be wary of this as a reference site, however, and would double-check any information against a more authoritative source. Like many other quotation collections, on and offline, this one has some errors and misattributions.

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