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Journalism and librarianship are twin professions in many ways. Both professions share the goal of providing people with information, and both deal with issues of intellectual freedom, objectivity and accuracy. And we’re both always trying to anticipate the interests and needs of our readers. We look at trends, events in the news, local situations, seasonal changes, everything, and wonder, “What will this mean to our readers? What will they want to know more about?”

Poynter Online is a journalism site, but there’s much here of interest to librarians. I particularly like the Al’s Morning Meeting column by Al Tompkins. It’s a collection of reports of news stories, trends and events that journalists can use as ideas for local feature articles, and librarians can use as ideas for collection development, book displays, blog postings, pathfinders, newsletter articles, training sessions, etc.

Some of the recent topics have been the trend toward Vacation Volunteerism, the increased competition in college admissions, understanding depression, the skyscraper building boom and this year’s bad spring allergy season. The topics often include links to news articles and resources for more information.


  • Al’s Morning Meeting — You can read the columns online, as an RSS feed, or subscribe to receive them by e-mail

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